Flight1 and Dreamfleet: A36 Bonanza

The fisrt Bonanza, model 35, made its first flight test on December 22, 1945 just after the end of WW2. Then the Beech Aircraft Corporation, best known as Beechcraft, continue developing models of the Bonanza, passing from the V-Tail to models for the US Airforce, and much more.

The A36 was introduced in 1968, and until today is one of the faster airplane on its category it has a very confortable cockpit and cabin.

The experts say that this airplane is the standard reference used to judge all the same class airplanes.

As always Flight1 and Dreamfleet did the best team to make an excellent A36 Bonanza model for the Flight Simulator 2004, really excellent. I will tell you the details of this.

The first thing I want to say about this product is that is that it has very realistic dynamics, it was tested by real pilots and all of them said the same, a very high realism.

Then is very important to point out that the exterior model is excellent, modelled by one of the best’s modellers, as always the lights are very high detailed as well as all the structure as I said. There also is an important detail on the cockpit and virtual cockpit.

The virtual cockpit as well as the cockpit are photorealistics, but the virtual cockpit is really excellent because you feel as if you were in the real airplane, the very high detailed virtual cockpit combined with the 360 degrees movement that you could have in that view really makes you feel in a real airplane.

I also want to mention that the DreamFleet A36 Bonanza is the first FS aircraft to introduce the Reality XP’s excellent Garmin GNS430 (GNS 430XP 2005™) WX500 weather radar, and the new “Flight Line T” KI256 ultra-smooth ADI / Flight Director.

I want to highlight that it’s also included a fantasy model of the A36 Bonanza with floats, of course it doesn’t exist this airplane but you have to try it because is as good as the other.

Other thing I want to point out is the excellent realistic sounds that this airplane includes, shared with the excellent cockpit and virtual cockpit, as I said, makes you feel in a real airplane.

An other outstanding thing is the extras that it include, it brings the Reality XP as I said, an exceptional add-on, also brings an application to practice with the GPS out of the FS and the DreamManager as well as the Configuration Control panel, that opens automatically on the FS (you can choose), are also included.

Finally I want to add the official list of features:

• Gmax® Model
• 3 Aircraft models to choose from
• Reflections & Shine
• Full moving parts
• Fully Interactive VC
• Show / Hide the VC with just a mouse click!
• Full set of 2D interior views to supplement the VC.
• Accurate Flight Dynamics verified by the real aircraft’s owner.
• Photo Real Graphics
• Reality XP Garmin GNS430
• Reality XP WX500 Weather Radar
• EDM700 EGT
• Sandel 3308 EHSI
• Default GPS500
• Realistic Sounds
• Choice of 2 Internal Engine Sound Sets
• Configuration Utility
• Repaint Utility


This product is only compatible with FS2004, so of course, FS2004 is required. For your computer, we recommend you have a 1.6 GHz machine, with a 128 Mb memory video card. System memory should be a minimum of 512. Low-end on-board sound chips are NOT recommended. A plugin sound card, such as a Soundblaster Audigy, is recommended. In some cases, sounds will not work correctly unless you have an adequate sound card.

Operating System Note: The DreamFleet Beech A36 is only available to those who have Windows XP operating system installed. It will not install or operate with any other operating systems.

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