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FS98 Alitalia MD11

This MD11C (Mixed) is one of the 8 MD11 operated by Alitalia on routes to all continents, except Australia. Includes landing lights. Paint job by Carlos S. Risso-Dominguez, afx by Carlos ...

FS2000-Alitalia Boeing 767-300ER registration: VH-ITA

Features full moving parts: rudder,elevators,ailerons, steareble nose wheel,trasparent windshield,landing lights, realistic flaps and slats motion,undercarriage open-close sequence,realistic ...

FS2000 Alitalia Boeing 727-200 registration:I-DIRQ

Features full moving parts and full precision design: rudder, elevators, ailerons, flaps, slats, Krueger flaps, spoilers, landing gear, undercarriage open-close sequence, landing lights, ...

FS98/FS2000 Alitalia Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation

FS5.1+FSFS and FS95 versions Repainted by Andrey Dorohov Original AIR/AFX by Doe and Joe Unlimited. This is one of the most beautiful planes ever built in history. Thanks to Stefan ...

FS2000 Eurofly DC.9-51 I-FLYY, in white livery end Alitalia tail code

This airlines operated a chaters flight from Italy to european destinations. The paint Job for this airplane is Valerio Perondi Download:

FS2000 Eurofly Md-82 I-DANG, in Alitalia livery

This airlines operating a charters flights from Italy to european destinations. The paint Job for this airplane is Valerio Perondi Download:

FS98/FS2000 Alitalia DC-10-30

Alitalia DC-10-30. Features new 3D-windows and night lighting. Landing lights also added. Painted by Jaco du Preez from Bill Alderson original Download:

FS98/FS2000 Alitalia McDonnell Douglas MD-82 I-DATI Siracusa (1993)

Originally flown by ATI (Aero Trasporti Italiani), it became part of the Alitalia fleet when Alitalia purchased ATI in 1994. Yet, its livery is a bit different from Alitalia’s. ...

FS98 Dornier 328 Alitalia

A twin turboprop regional aircraft in the Alitalia Express-Minerva livery. Aircraft by Bill Alderson and paint-job by  Roberto Crnjar. Download:

FS98 Alitalia Boeing 747-200 “Bulgari”

New, extremely detailed version , you can see shadow of passengers !! This aircraft is a new re-design of the original of Kentaro Kaneko. Model has cockpit and cabin lights, landing ...