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FS2000 and FS98 Boeing 727-200, Air France. V.2.0

Full Moving Parts (FMP) and Full Precision Design (FPD).Rudder, elevators, ailerons, flaps, slats, Krueger flaps, spoilers, landing gear, undercarriage open/close sequence, landing ...

FS98/fs2000 Douglas DC3, Air France

The familiar Douglas Dakota in the colours of Air France, the French State airline. Their DC3s were used on all of their European flights. Painted by Richard Osborne, on the  original ...

FS98/FS2000 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER ver2

Brit Air (Air France) Reg# F-GRJD For FS98 with Moving Parts by Aircraft Animator AF99 Design, FD & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell (c)1999 Chelsea Rose Paint by Helge Bast (c)1999 ALL ...

FS2000 Air France Boeing 737-300

This aircraft is a replacement texture and reworked flight model for the default 737. It is painted in Air France’s current livery. Many improvements have been made from the default ...

FS98/FS2000 AirFrance Douglas DC10-30

Tymball Aerospace Group! High Fidelity Aircraft Addon For Microsoft Flight Simulator. AFX Designer: Ricardo Mello Artwork: Ricardo Mello Download:

FS98/FS2000 Air France/Euralair B.737-53C is F-GHOL

This aircraft it is operating a regular and charter flights in the european area. The paint jobers for this airplane are David Bracci and Valerio Perondi Download:

Air France Boeing 707-328 F-BLCD ca.1983 for FS5.x 95 and 98

Air France livery by: Rafael Zimmermann (I’m really a 2 N’s Zimmermann Original 707 model by: Bill Aldrerson/Francesco Zoja Download:

FS2000/FS98 Air France Boeing747-400 V.2

Rotating Engine Fan  Moving Landing Gear Moving Flaps Moving Spoilers Moving Ailerons Moving Elevators Transparent Cockpit Window 3D Wheel & Textures Auto Land Enabled Smoke System ...


This is the replacement texture for the b737-400 from FS2000 Made with the real colors of the Air FRANCE colors in 24bits. Original Blank texture file By Simon Jamie. Repainted by GERAIN ...

FS98/FS2000 Air France Boeing 767-27E

Length: 47.24m Wing span: 47.57 Weight: MTOW: 395,000lbs Power: 2x PW 4060A@59,900lbs each AFX by Kim Simmelink Paint job by Joel Branchu Download: