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FS98/FS2000 Next-generation SST2007 “KLM”

The sixth of the “Next-generation SST2007 Series” to come up. A next-generation SuperSonic Transport to show up in the year 2007. A not-yet-to-come future configuration ...

FS98/FS2000 KLM DC-10-30 Version 1.0

KLM Royl Dutch Airlines DC-10-30 “Edvard D. Grieg” registered PH-DTL. By: Ray Evangelista Download:


One of ten MD11 in service on intercontinental routes with low density. This is the second, delivered in 1991 and carries the registration PH-KCB, and the name “Maria Montessori”. ...

FS98\FS5 KLM uk BAe146-300

Registration: G-UKRC Includes: cabinlights and landinglights (FS98 only) BAe146 made by: Marcel Ritzema Painted in KLM livery by: Thomas Diderich Download:

FS98/FS2000 K.L.M DC-8-63 PH-DED

The initials KLM stand for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij,Royal Dutch Airlines and it is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name.It was founded ...

FS2000 KLM Boeing 767-300ER

Registration: PH-BZF “Golden Gate Bridge” Aircraft has realistic moving control surfaces (aillerons, elevators, rudder and nose wheel), realistic moving flaps, spinning ...

FS2000 DC-9 KLM

Features 12 side fuselage and engines, 3D engines, transparent windshield, moving landing gears, gear bay door, fans, spoilers ailerons and rudder. By Peter Salzano Download:

FS2000 KLM B747-400 Asia PH-BFH “Hong Kong” version 1

Aircraft has full night lights. By Danny Best. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by Erik Ellis 2000 KLM repaint by Danny Best Download:

FS98 KLM DC-10-30

This DC-10-30 PH-DTE named “Wolfang Amadeus Mozart” was operated by this Dutch company to use in the intercontinental routes. New version with detailed paint scheme, landing ...

Boeing 737-400 KLM “PH-BPD Guglielmo Marconi” for FS2000

“Fuselage and engines are made with a 32-side section, which gives them a real round shape. Engines have 3D-air intake and animated fan blades. Illuminated tail logo, landing ...