By: Don Alexander

First impression The first glimp of an screens hot of any scenery is not always what you get so it is always difficult to valorate the scenery by its screen shots. The installation is just as simple as extracting the files to your scenery Dir activate and fly, there is need for modifications in SCENERY.CFG the first time that you install an scenery wich needs those modifications the next scenery will be an peace of cake.

The readme file includes as usual the info about the autor in this case Don Alexander i think this is his first scenery for the public because of that i give him my compliments a pretty good job
though i‘ve spotted a few missing textures of some buildings generally spoken the scenery is alright for those which are interested in having an scenery of Newcastle Airport.

The author announces that he wil probably make updates for the scenery. The installation guide included is reasonable good it explains the installation basic info of Don Alexander and offcourse the legal notes.

The scenery: as soon as i started on the dock of international terminal i noticed that my frame rate was note above 15 which is pretty low and during taxi something about 10 or 9 FPS this has posible two reasons because the scenery is not properly designed and some options in the scenery design program where not properly configured, or the scenery has just to much objects i am not shure about this but it could be both i also noticed that it hasn’t got any VASI/PAPI approach lights i don’t know if the real airport has this.

The textured used are most of them based on real photographs which gives an is very realistic view the night texture/lightning is very almost perfect.It includes a ZIP file that makes the option available to install the static aircraft a few Big planes and a few regional purpose planes.
I liked very much the details of the train station and the fences on the airport something that you do not see a lot in sceneries.

The author has made an AIRPORT SCENERY NOT AN SCENERY OF NEWCASTLE so do not expect to see the city centre or anything else anyway he has included a few buildings roads and details around the airport above the main terminal he has installed an little workin Radar post and somewhere on the field an wind sac (i have forget how you call these things) it has one traditional working docking system but the dock itself is at an altitude of a B757.

When i changed the view from the aircraft to the tower i noticed that the tower view was situated at the beginning of the runway a strange thing but you can change that in the map menu of FS2000 this thing happens in many sceneries and i am not shure if the designers can do anything about it anyway it is pretty irritating if you see the tower in the tower view which is 50 yards from the tower itself!
The scenery includes railway station, terminals, hangars, static planes, trees fences working systems, light posts nice textures and a lot more!

Well i think that this is a scnery that if it improves a bit could cost you easeley about 7£ on the flightsim market it looks pretty good from the sky needs slight modifications on the design area and textures but passes my test! I is worth a try but do not expect to much if you don’t know the airport it wont make much difference in the little situated details but if you know the airport you would like more things to be right.

textures: 7
Realism: 6.5
Frames: medium 14 FPS on a 700 MHz 128 MB RAM and TNT2
lighting: 8
details: 5
objects: 6

total validation : 6.7 points