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Authentic "NEW" American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Retro Decal for Sale - FSPlanet.com

Authentic "NEW" American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Retro Decal For Sale


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Authentic "NEW" American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Retro Decal:

This is an authentic "New" American Hot Rod Association Retro Decal, not some cheap offshore knockoff or someone that does not care about illegal trademark infringement...IT'S THE REAL DEAL! These decals were reproduced directly from a 1968 AHRA decal so you can feel the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. We wanted it aseclectic andpsychedelic as it was in the 60's so you can make anything you stick it on look good! Flashbacks are not guaranteed with this decal, but are highly encouraged!Once slapped on anything ofyour choice, the magic begins! Funny Cars look like real cars, automatics can side step the clutch and Nitro cars run the whole 1320 once again! Legends of Drag Racing all had these decals on their cars and tow rigs and it could be how they became legends, it's your chance to find out! All of our profits go directly back into the AHRA to make Drag Racing Great Again for the Sportsman Drag Racer! It measures 4" X 6". Your options are limitless once you buy them! Ask us any questions about the decal, we may be on the road to/from a race so a little more response time will be incurred when we travel. As always thanks for looking and for the support!

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