America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor signed by Tex Hill & Pearl Harbor Veterans For Sale

America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor signed by Tex Hill & Pearl Harbor Veterans
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America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor signed by Tex Hill & Pearl Harbor Veterans:


By Robert Taylor

USAAF pilot Ken Taylor in his P-40 Tomahawk brings down his secondenemy aircraft on December 7, 1941, an Aichi D-3Al ' Val' dive-bomber, with fellowpilot George Walsh flying in close company. In the background smoke rises fromHangar 6 housing the naval float planes, and the up-turned battleshipOklahoma.

The very first air combat fought by American pilotsfollowing the surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor. In less than one hour Americastruck back in a war that was to end in total victory. As the assault mountedon the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, simultaneously the air base at WheelerField came under heavy attack.

Two young USAAF pilots, Kenneth Taylor and George Walsh,quickly got their P-40 Tomahawks airborne. Winging southwards towards Ewa Fieldthey ripped into a dozen or more enemy aircraft attacking the marine field.Diving into the formation they each downed 'Val' fighter-bombers.

The prints are personally signed by the artist Robert Taylorand pilots who took part in the action at Pearl Harbor and veterans of thePacific Air War:

Brigadier GeneralKENNETH TAYLOR
One of the Army’s heroes on December 7 he was one of the few pilots that managed to get airborne and along with Fighter Ace George Welch, shot down six Japanese aircraft between them - Taylor was awarded the DSC for this action. He continued to fly in the Pacific at Guadalcanal adding two more victories to his tally.

After serving aboard the USS Saratoga and USS Ranger as a navy pilot, Texvolunteered for the AVG Flying Tigers in China, becoming Squadron Leader in the2nd Squadron (Panda Bears), and notching up 12¼ air victories. He remained inChina to activate the 75th Fighter Sqn and later commanded the 23rd FighterGroup, again in China, increasing his total score to 18¼ air victories.

A USMC Pilot, he took part in the defense of EwaField on the ground but was wounded during the attack. He went on the fly 60combat missions throughout the Pacific Theatre including Guadalcanal, Iwo Jimaand Okinawa.Lieutenant General JOE MOORE
He flew P-40 Tomahawks withthe 323rd Tactical Fighter Wing from the Phillipines, accumulating more than100 combat missions and two victories over Japanese Zeros.He later moved toEurope, flying P-47s during the Normandy Invasion.Colonel EARL WILLIAMS
Whilst flying a B-17 with the 38th ReconnaissanceSquadron from Hamilton Field he ran straight into the Japanese attack and washit but managed to land his aircraft at Oahu. He flew 60 combat missions in thePacific, including the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Brigadier General JAMES VAN DE HEY
He was at WheelerField during the attack and then flew the P-40, P-47 and P-51 in the Pacific, including Midway and Iwo Jima in command ofthe 78th Fighter Squadron. In 262 missions he claimed four victories and onApril 7, 1945 led the first fighter squadron over Tokyo while escorting B-29bombers.

Published in 2001 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of theattack on Pearl Harbor, this powerful print is personally signed by iconicveterans that took part. The print is now sold out and we have just a few copies available, giving collectors a greatopportunity to acquire this historic piece.

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Please note: The signatures onour pieces are not reproductions; they are original autographs, hand-signed bythe veterans involved.

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