Washington-Dulles International Airport Washington, D.C.

For FS2000
Scenery designed By Christopher Gilbert
Reviewed by Santiago Cianciulli

Friends!!! I have finally been able to carry out a flight for new places, I decided to leave of San Francisco and to make with a B747-400 a direct flight to Washington Dulles, I was looking for scenarios, of San Francisco I didn’t find none interesting, but of Washington Dulles found this excellent scenario. That that more I liked it is the graphic part, for my opinion it is the most important thing in a scenario, a good image, this makes more eligible this airport like a sure destination.

Already preparation to take off, they happened to me the route, I should say that it is very long, and to fly in United States, he/she brought me headaches, because of English that it is necessary to speak with the controllers and all the points of the route return me crazy. Coming closer already had the bad luck of having a lot of traffic in the airport, what didn’t allow me to give turns on him to know it of up, therefore as well as it arrives, I approached and I landed in the hint 19R.

This excellent airport has 3 RWYS:
The 12/30
The 19R/1L
The 19L/1R

These two last with more longitude that the first one. This airport possesses that makes it prettier for me, some very good night textures. It is much more pleasant when they fly to this airport that you/they make it at night, and cheer up to make it with virtual air control.

I count them that whenever I fly to some airport of United States, I get lost when Parking, because they are so big and with many terminals that he/she doesn’t stop where to go. The main terminal of this airport this very well made, the textures, so much night as day they are very well achieved. I was in the reality in this airport and I can affirm them that he/she resembles each other enough to the reality.
The location of the terminals is among the parallel hints. The hangars are, also, among the parallel hints.

A very interesting particularity of this airport is that it possesses for the transfer of the passengers among the terminals, some communities, or rather some trains that move among the same ones. I didn’t have the luck to use them, or rather, I had the good luck not to take it, surely if he/she made it I got lost! 😉
I recommend them that they fly to this place.

As they will have seen me it likes a lot the coast EAST of United States, but I will see if I look for a good destination for the other side, or for that not for Europe, a continent with multiple destinations to choose.
I believe that the best thing that possesses this scenario they are the textures, so much day as night, but they make it showy to fly there.

I hope they have good flights and an excellent landing. (if it can be with rain, crossed wind and with virtual, better control! 😉
A hug for all the readers! And continue visiting this page!