TrackIR 4 PRO

trackirproSometimes we ask ourselves how far out we are going to get, technology wise,

and how real a Flight Simulator flight can be, or if one day all the new software and hardware is going to ever stop impressing us.
A couple of days ago I got the TrackIR 4 PRO Unit, for those of you who don’t know what it is its a headtracker device that tracks your head movements and translate those movements in the game, hence no more pressing a bottom, just move your head! I hear you ask, however, “Why would i need something like this?”, truthfully you guys are going to want one right away!


The presentation of the equipment was stunningly neat and simple to install. The case comes with the TrackIR, Track Clip, Quiche Start Guide and the CD for the drivers and software’s. I inserted the CD and restarted the PC and afterwards connected the Track IR and the PC automatically detected it.


The Software is pretty simple yet extremely effective and user-friendly. It comes with a Profile Administrator where we can load, modify and delete profiles that we have previously saved. Through the software we can also adjust sensibility parameters, the proper movemenent and the effect this will have on the game. But don’t forget that minimum head movements will be maximized on the game since it would be impossible to realistically turn your head 55 degrees you wouldn’t be able to see the screen! Hence the head latency movements are increased considerably.

Flight Sim 2004 and FSX.

When I first got the product my most recent thought was if it was compatible with FSX. A quick scan through their forums gave me a positive outlook on things, it is. When I started FSX the software detected the TrackIR and once on the plane it switched my views into the Virtual Cockpit right away, pretty neat! I really can’t describe the feeling I get using the TrackIR, its a very simple yet neat device. The proper movement and the overhead shows up, with a realistic perspective and such. I mean you have to get acquainted with it, since the movements are very sensitive but once you get used to it you won’t be able to fly without it.

Other Games.

This is definitely not a product only fit for MSFS2004/FSX, but it can be used with a variety of other games. Such as first shooters games, racing games etc… The niche for this hardware is big and truthfully it’s an awesome product.


It’s an excellent product, easy to install, and truthfully recommends this product and gives it a 5 stars count, the top of the line!