Original 35mm Aircraft slide HB-LKB Piper Seneca11 Basle Oct 1979 For Sale

Original 35mm Aircraft slide   HB-LKB Piper Seneca11 Basle Oct 1979

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Original 35mm Aircraft slide HB-LKB Piper Seneca11 Basle Oct 1979:

For Sale is this Original 35mm Aircraft Piper Seneca11 Basle Oct 1979Film Type..KodachromeQuality promise.I never purposely sell damaged or duplicate slides unless stated in the listing however on a rare occasion a scratch, if it does not show on the scan, or a good quality duplicate may be missed.If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason I will ALWAYS refund the purchase price and outward postage on it’s return and should the slide be damaged or a duplicate (and wasn't marked as such) the return postage too.So you can offer with total confidence.DaveCopyrights.When I purchase a collection I always ask about the copyrights and unless otherwise stated, have been told they come with the slides. Any legal rights this may entitle me to, I am happy to pass on with the sale. However as the vendors are usually the family of the original owner, it is unlikely that they couldguarantee every image was taken by their relative and not traded, or that sometime in the past the rights had not already been given away. I therefore mark these slides as'With No Markings for Copyright Restriction'and give NO assurance as toIntellectual property.
There isNO'Buy it Now' Price.
Overseas buyers Welcome.
Happy to Combine Postage.(please wait for updated invoice)
Combined postage will be
First Class... 95p All extra slides combined free of charge.EUROPE.
0-6 Slides .............£1.75 Over 6 Slides ......£2.50
Rest of the World
1-3 Slides ............. £1.75 Over 3 Slides ......£2.50
PLEASE NOTE Excludes Multiple Slide Packsoffer for 14 days!!
After each batch finishes I will send out an updated invoice with combined postage. However if you wish to offer on more slides I am happy to wait up to 14 days for payment. After this time I would kindly request that you settle up before offerding on any more.


I will happily refund the sale price in Full, without question if this item is returned (in the same condition as received) within 30 days. However I do not give money off or partial refunds.If you wish to keep the item please be prepared to pay the amount you offer for it.

Thank You For Looking, GOOD LUCK!!!!


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