B727 Operations Manual, 2 volumes For Sale

B727 Operations Manual, 2 volumes

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B727 Operations Manual, 2 volumes:

Vol. 1: General Limitations; Emergency Procedures; Abnormal Procedures; Normal Procedures. 211 pages
Vol 2: Airplane Description; Fueling; Power Plant; Electrical; Pneumatics; Ice & Rain; Hydraulics; Flight Controls; Landing Gear; Navigation & Radar; Auto Flight; Flight Instruments; Communications; Warning Systems; Oxygen: Lights; Water/Waste; Emergency Equipment; Servicing; APU. 469 pages
These manuals are abbreviated (not complete). They were used for flight engineer training at Flight Training Devices at LAX; a subcontractor to Western Airlines. Only the pages pertinent to FEs were included. Produced by Flight Engineer Intl. Sold as a set of 2 volumes.

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