Authentic RMS Titanic Wreck Wood Relic and 1912 Liberty Nickel Artifact with COA For Sale

Authentic RMS Titanic Wreck Wood Relic and 1912 Liberty Nickel Artifact with COA

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Authentic RMS Titanic Wreck Wood Relic and 1912 Liberty Nickel Artifact with COA:

Authentic Titanic Wreck Wood with a 1912 Liberty Head Nickel

Almost all Titanic wood selling on came from us! Thousands sold from my extensive World famous collection!

TheTitanicItems Collection is an amazing online museumthat can offer more information about this item. Don't be fooled by fake items and deals to good to be true. Factis there are very few sellers that offerrealTitanic wood and even fewer with a solid reputation like mine.

About the Wood:Immediately following the Titanic disaster, the Cable Ship Minia was dispatched from Canada to recover the dead. On board was carpenter, William J. Parker. While looking for bodies, he also grabbed some of Titanic's valued wreck wood from the sea and made various items for family, friends, and Minia Chief Officer James Adams.

Thethin slice of wood contained in this display is authentic Titanic yellow pine wood. This indicates it was more than likely part of the deck. It was once part a shelf in a liquor cabinet made entirely of Titanic wreck wood originally belonging to Chief Officer Adams. It eventually passed down to his grandson and stayed in the family until 1998. The yellow pine shelf was later removed and offered for individual sale. It has been on display at both the Ronald Reagan National Library and the National Geographic Titanic Exhibits.

The coin is an authentic U.S. 1912 Liberty Head V nickel with a legible date. This is the same year of the Titanic tragedy and serves as both a memorial and a coin of distinction. The 1913 Liberty nickel is one of the most valuable coins in the world.

The example above is a thin slice about 22mm x 7mm. Actual piece shown will not be the exact one received but will be as described. Sizes vary as does shape and shades(some larger or thicker than shown). The heavy & strong snap holder is 3.25" x 2.25" and labeled for identification.

Provenance includes an attractive signed certificate of authenticity and several support documents from a 20+ year collector with worldwide hobby recognition. This is truly an astounding treasure and a piece of history few can have the distinct pleasure of owning. May shift a little during shipping; unsnap, readjust, and snap back.

S&H in the U.S. is free, international and Canada will be $8.

Payment by PayPal is expected to be received no later than 7 days from the end of sale.

Refunds offered but subject to inspection, buyer ships. Please feel free to ask questions before offerding

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