FS98/FS2000 Douglas R4D-6 NATS v4.0

US Navy Douglas R4D-6 USN Bureau # 50819 served as an admiral’s VIP transport operated by Naval Air Transport Service at several stations during the 1940’s. Lovingly restored to this condition it can still be seen operated by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum of Reading, Pennsylvania at airshows all over the U.S. The most authentic DC-3. New photo-real dual panel, quadrant, gauges, overhead and cockpit views. Unique gauge lights and cockpit spot- lights. New radios and auto pilot located on overheads, featuring real starting system. Sound pack, start-up and shutdown, recorded from actual DC-3. Real DC-3 flight dynamics. Max moving parts, unsynchronized retraction, see-thru windows/cockpit. Illustrated manual.
By Bill Rambow, Roy Chaffin, and Jan Visser
Both files required

Download: wjrdc34a.zip

Download:  wjrdc34b.zip