By Warren Baier
Acompletly new model created in GMAX! The definitive lines of Piper’s PA 28R-201are beautifully captured in this superbly detailed model with full moving parts and dynamic virtual cockpit. Choose from two paint schemes.Panels of both versions of FS2002 are included. Interesting new features for you to enjoy.

This aircraft was created for all those aviation enthusiasts (including real world pilots) who enjoy the magic associated with being around and flying light aircraft. In developing this package I have tried to produce an aircraft that looks right and flies right and which will allow the enthusiast to take full advantage of the great scenery and other features that come with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Piper’s Cherokee Arrow is a good looking airplane – I hope I have done it justice. If, like me, you will probably never be fortunate enough to own and fly a real one, I hope that you really enjoy owning and flying this one – I had great fun making it!
Flight Simulator version compatibility:
This aircraft has been designed for and tested in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Version. Unfortunately there hasn’t been time to test it in the Standard Version but probably it would be compatible (there has been some modifications the panel for FS2002 Standard and included this as a separate file – see installation section below).
Model Reference Sources and Other Notes:

The Arrow was designed in Gmax (Discreet) using scale plans obtained from a Cherokee Arrow manual. Photographs were taken of a real Cherokee Arrow based at Whangarei airport New Zealand to assist with detail work. I tried to get the panel and virtual cockpit to resemble the real one but some artistic license has been used. The paint schemes on the aircraft are my own design. I was not able to compile original engine sounds (hopefully someone else will) so I have had to use the sounds of the default Cessna 182. The aircraft flight dynamics are the result of modifying the default Mooney .air file to reflect the Arrow’s fuselage dimensions, airfoil dimensions, areas, angles and positions plus all the other values relating to moments of inertia, weight, centre of gravity and control surface areas. Adjustments to numerous other parameters were made in order to achieve realistic handling and to ensure accurate performance relating to maximum speed, stall speeds, rate of climb and fuel consumption. I will not pretend to have everything correct as this is a task for the expert and hopefully someone will take up the challenge of generating a better air file. This aircraft has all the standard features associated with the FS2002 default aircraft except for reflections. It was not satisfied with the texture quality after adding the alpha channels.An plane made for FS2002.


The Piper Cherokee Arrow 3 is a single engine, retractable landing gear, all metal airplane. It has seating for up to four occupants and has a 200 pound capacity luggage compartment. The airframe is constructed of aluminum alloy in a semi-monocoque structure. The wing is of a semitapered design and employs a laminar flow NACA 65_2-415 airfoil section. The airplane carries a total of 77 gallons of fuel (72 gallons useable) in 2 wet-walled wing tanks. A vertical stabilizer/rudder combination and an all-moveable horizontal stabilator with anti-servo trim tab make up the plane’s empennage. The aircraft is equipped with an automatic gear extension system to prevent landing with the gear up; a combination of low throttle setting and low airspeed will automatically drop the gear.

Technic counter

Piper PA-28 Cherokee series (Data for PA28-161)

TYPE: Two and four seat light aircraft.
ENGINE: One Lycoming O-320-A2B flat four piston engine of 160 hp.
Wing span: 35 ft 0 in / 10.67 m.
Length: 23 ft 10 in / 7.25 m
Height: 7 ft 4 in / 2.22 m.
Empty: 1,352 lb / 613 kg
Max. takeoff: 2,440 lb / 1,105 kg
Max. speed: 127 kt / 235 kph
Long range cruising speed: 105 kt / 195 kph
Initial climb: 644 ft per min.
Service ceiling: 11,000 ft
Range: 637 nm / 1,85 km with reserves
CAPACITY: Seating for four; two in some dedicated trainer versions.
The PA-28-150 and -160 Cherokees were introduced in 1961, and were powered respectively by 150 or 160 hp engines, and were intended to supplant the PA22 series. Subsequent subtypes included the PA-28-180, -140, -151, -235, -236 and -161.
Initially some subvariants were known as the Cherokee Challenger (-180), Cherokee Charger (-235), Cherokee Archer (-180), Cherokee Pathfinder (-235), Cherokee Warrior (-151), and Cherokee Archer II (-181). The ‘Cherokee’ prefix was dropped for the Archer II and Warrior, and later models were known simply as Dakota (-236), Warrior II (-161), Turbo Dakota (-236T), and Cadet (-161).
The Archer II and Dakota returned to limited production in 1994, and the Archer III (-181) appeared in 1995, followed by the Warrior III (-161).


The Piper Cherokee Arrow III is an excellent plane with side views. But there’s a thing that could have been included, while you are in the cabin and you look to your right there is no 3D pilot by the other way if you look inside the cabin from outside of the plane you will see there are two identic 3D pilots. I sugest Warren to put the second pilot diferent cloths and difrent color hair.
Also the Piper Cherokee Arrow III has a very detailed virtual cabin in which both yokes and the acelerator that is between have a realistic movement. Another movement part are the wheels, that do move when the plane move by the runway. The directional wheel (the first one) has a defect or thing that could have been included, it does not move when you turn in any direction the plane whilest you are stile in any diferent runway. I nearly forgot to say that Warren could have also put some movement to the yoke on the main cabin. After all the lights are O.K, the outside details are also fine in result an excellent plane fully detailed. It is also very easy to control and it has a very realistic control. I recommend this plane to all people that like flying in small planes.

My rating is 9/10

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