FS2002 Boeing 727-287 Aerolineas Argentinas

Argentina’s main airline. Features full moving parts, flaps and slats, spoilers, steerable nose gear with rudder, FS2002 beacons, strobes, landing lights, high resolution day and night textures, JT8 jet smoke system, complete B727 performance/specifications table & documentation.
Panel with Captain, FO, engineer and side views. Two flight models.
Original model by Kevin Trinkle, panel by Lonny Payne, air file and repaint by Alberto Guerrero.

More about….Boeing 727-287 Aerolineas Argentinas.

Boeing announced the three-engined short/medium range B-727 on December 5,1960. The upper fuselage section is identical to that of the B-707/720 and many parts and systems are interchangeable between the three types. The first B-727-100 production aircraft flew on February 9, 1963. FAA certification was obtained December 24, 1963. In 1964 Boeing announced the B-727-100C (Cargo) with a large cargo door, strong floor and freight handling systems for switching in less than 2 hours between passenger or cargo or mixed operation. This was soon followed by the B-727-100QC (Quick Change) which cut conversion time to 30 minutes. In August 1965 Boeing announced the B-727-200 with a 6.10 m (20 ft) fuselage stretch compared to the B-727-100. This stretch allowed seating for up to 189 passengers. First flight was made on July 27, 1967. FAA certification was obtained on November 30, 1967. On May 12, 1971 the B-727-200 ADV was offered, with a considerable increase in weights and fuel capacity giving a range increase of at least 694 nm(1,287 km, 800 sm) compared to the B-727-200, noise suppressing engines, arevised passenger interior and improved systems. Finally in 1977 Boeing announced the B-727-200C ADV (Convertible).

Technic counter

Three-turbofan, short/medium range commercial transport.

3 x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A turbofans, rated at 64.5 kN (14,500 lb st) each.
3 x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 turbofans, rated at 68.9 kN (15,500 lb st) each.
3 x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 turbofans, rated at 71.2 kN (16,000 lb st) each.
3 x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17R turbofans, rated at 72.9 kN (16,400 lb st) each.

Standard: 30,623 l (8,090 US Gal)
Optional fuselage fuel tanks can be installed, displacing forward
and/or aft cargo compartment volume. These design bladder fuel
cells can contain up to 9,387 l (2,480 US Gal)

Flight Crew : 3
Passengers : 163-189 Pax
Freight Holds : 2, underfloor, forward and aft of main landing gear bay.

Wing Span : 32.92 m (108 ft 0 in)
Wing Area : 157.9 sq m (1,700 sq ft)
Aspect Ratio : 7.07
Length Overall : -200: 46.69 m (153 ft 2 in)
-100: 40.59 m (133 ft 2 in)
Maximum Height : 10.36 m (34 ft 0 in)
Wheel Track : 5.72 m (18 ft 9 in)
Wheel Base : -200: 19.28 m (63 ft 3 in)
-100: 16.23 m (53 ft 3 in)

Total Cabin Length : -200: 28.24 m (92 ft 8 in)
-100: 22.15 m (72 ft 8 in)
Maximum Width : 3.55 m (11 ft 8 in)
Maximum Height : 2.11 m (6 ft 11 in)
Passenger Deck Area : 91.05 sq m (980 sq ft)
Passenger Cabin Vol : -200: 188.4 cu m (6,652 cu ft)
-100: 146.5 cu m (5,174 cu ft)
Forward Hold : -200: 20.1 cu m (710 cu ft)
-100: 12.03 cu m (425 cu ft)
Aft Hold : -200: 23.1 cu m (815 cu ft)
-100: 13.45 cu m (475 cu ft)

Empty Operating Weight : 45,360 kg (100,000 lb)
MTOW (dry engines) : 83,820-95,027 kg (184,800-209,500 lb)
Max Ramp Weight : 84,275-95,254 kg (185,800-210,000 lb)
Max Zero-Fuel Weight : 62,595-65,315 kg (138,000-144,000 lb)
Max Landing Weight : 70,080-73,028 kg (154,500-161,000 lb)

Max Level Speed : 549 ktas (1,017 km/h, 632 mph)
Service Ceiling : -100: 11,400 m (37,400 ft)
-200: 10,730 m (35,200 ft)
FAR T-O distance : 2,938 m (9,640 ft)
FAR Landing Field Length : 1,430 m (4,690 ft)
Range (12,474 kg/27,500 lb payload, 36,831 l/9,730 US Gal fuel)
: 2,600 nm (4,818 km, 2,994 sm)

1,831 B-727 aircraft have been ordered and delivered when production
ended in 1983.

727-100 First production model with space for 131 passengers
727-100C Convertible cargo/passenger model with strengthened floor and cargo handling equipment used on 707-320C allowing conversion between all cargo and passenger/cargo mixture (94 passengers maximum) in 2 hours
727-100QC Quick-change convertible model allowing conversion from cargo to passenger/cargo mixture in 30 minutes
727-200 Enlarged 727 with two 10-ft fuselage inserts allowing increase to 145, 163, or 189 passengers
727-200 Improved 727-200 equipped with performance data computer to improve fuel efficiency and safety, automatic thrust compensation in case of engine failure, and cabin improvements
727F Dedicated freight version
727RE Experimental project investigating re-engining of 727-200 aircraft to provide 757-like capabilities


I have been flying with an excellent plane, this plane is the Boeing 727-287 Aerolineas Argentinas. I have seen in this plane some things like an excellent panel with some side views. Also the turbines have very few movement and I think they could have got some more detailed turning movement, also the wheels have very very few movement that could have been more detailed. It also has some good lights which increases the details to this plane. There’s not virtual cabin in the package. This plane has realistic maniobrability and I recommend it to everyone who loves Boeing aircraft. There are some night lightning errors in the aircaft’s tail as checked with my Gforce 2 video card.
My rating is 9/10