How to make your own dual throttles

Since I was a child I have always loved planes. I’m now 17 and I’ve started to make my own hardware for my favourite flightsim called Flight Simulator 2002. The first device I found on the net was a dual throttles Publisher by Gustavo Del Coro on Firstly I thought making my own hardware for my computer was impossible, but I was wrong. In a few weeks I had the device ready to use.


Actually, I have the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro 2, and I wasn’t very satisfied with the small throttle it includes. This is the reason why I started to make the dual throttles.

Firstly in the review I read on flightsim by Gustavo which includes two throttles, tour buttons and the prop, but as my favourite plane is the Boeing 737 and it is propelled by fans I decided to assign spoilers in the prop handle.



How to make the dual throttles

I won’t explain how I did this hardware, because it would be very extense and my English is not good enough, but if you’d like to know how to make it, you can read Gustavo’s review on$=main/howto/dualthr.htm. 

Difficulties you Hill find when making the dual throttles

The first difficulty to make the device was finding the adequated gears. I went to a gears shop, and I bought two gears with the proportion 3:1 and module 1. These two gears measured 1, 5 cm wide (because they had no smaller gears). Right here is where the difficulty starts. Why did I made one gears in three gears? I would like to thank Jose Luis Herrero, because he makes this task with a torn.

Latter I found the last difficulty. Making the “U” brakes whit aluminium of 3mm of wide. I would like to thank my father because he made me this favour to me, because he knows a person who Works in the steel industry.

I didn’t found any more difficulties to make this Project, but I have to say one more thing, you need to have a lot of patience to fix the gears with the potentiometers and the handles in the “U” brackets.



The cover

According to Gustavo the cover is the easiest part to make. One year before I made RC planes with balsa Word. This is the reason why I made the cover with balsa Word. I chose three different types of wide; 5mm to make the base, 2mm to do the corb part and balsa of 3mm to fill up the resting parts. To fix together these parts I used Epoxy (5 minutes) and Super Glue.

The decoration was very simple, I visited some web pages of the 737, and latter I printed them.

The internal structure

Gustavo made the internal structure with steel, but I decided to made it with Word. It is easier to week with Word than with steel.

If someone is interested in the internal structure measures, please contact me on



Material List: 
Item Description Quantity Remarks

2 Potentiometers 3 required 100k (100000 ohms) Linear taper
3 Threaded rod one piece 1219mm (4′) long X 3mm (1/8″) diam.
4 Screws as required *RHMS #10 x 1/2″
5 Nuts as required to fit the screws
6 Nuts as required to fit the threaded rod
7 Wire assorted colours #22Ga for wiring of the throttles
8 DB15M Connector one required for connection to computer
9 Jacketed Wire 10 conductor 3m (9ft) for connection to computer
10 Terminal strip (8 terminals) one required Radio Shack or other electronic supplier
10 **Plastic gears 3 large 3 small
11 Balsa or Basswood assortment for making the cover


I think this Project is very useful, because if you like flying with two engine planes, this dual throttles make taxiing easier in the ground, taking off and landing.

I recommend this product for all of those who like making their own hardware for the flightsim, and those who want to enter in this exciting world.





By Borja Perera
Lerida (Spain)