Britannia 757 And 767 DVD

Britannia Airways a large airline that serves destinations around the world. Operating a fleet of mainly 737’s, 757’s, and 767’s.

This DVD is an amazing 162minutes long. It includes flights to and from

Alicante – Spain, Stockholm – Sweden, Antalya – Turkey, Bourgas – Bulgaria, Gothenburg – Sweden and Nice – France.

All these flights operated by Britannia flying the 757-200 and 767-300. Each flight gives you the ability to listen to crystal clear and I mean crystal clear communications between Pilots and ATC. Terrific views of the terrain below. And the adrenalin of flying at 37,000 feet!

JustPlanes was kind enough to give me the honour of reviewing one of their newest DVD’s. Within 3 days I received the DVD packaged from the USA (I live in UK). If you live abroad JustPlanes will Air-Mail the product direct to you, and should arrive at your doorstep within 3-7 days.

Packaged in a plastic DVD case with pictures of the crew, the planes and details of what that one little disk holds. The DVD automatically starts (depending on your settings) with a title screen where you can choose the flight you want. We’ll fly and take the review of flight number 1, Stockholm to Bourgas to Gothenburg. The DVD starts with the pilots going through the usual pre-start checklists, while you hear the First Officer call the checks out and watch the Captain manually get the plane ready to start-up. Then you hear the FO (First Officer) contact ATC for Start-up and Taxi. When he gains his clearance the crew go through the procedure for start-up and taxi, while you watch the plane taxi from many different cameras all inside the cockpit!

Takeoff is a marvellous experience just like you are actually in the plane, you hear the full sound of the engines as you roll down the runway faster and faster. As we get airborne the cameras switch to the side windows to give you the views of what these pilots see everyday. What a Job! As we climb and reach our cruising altitude of an amazing 39,000 feet, for a few minutes we fly next to a Korean Air 747! Then we go into the cabin and see the crew’s job of keeping the passengers happy by serving them there dinner. Then it’s time for the descent, as you hear the FO talk to ATC the aircraft starts to descend and before you know it, you see the airport. A full forward view is given to you so you see the runway approach and then the *bumb* as you hit the ground and hear the reversers kick in….

Taxiing to the terminal shows you the airport and its traffic in full from the cockpit. As we park the ground crew kick into action as you watch them unload the plane and get us ready for a quick turn around. While we are on the ground the FO comes out and says hello. He explains how the route for the next flight will go etc.. And then were off again! Same procedure again but as we fly into and over Sweden, you realize what a lovely country it is. Lots of green wherever you look. While we are in the air the captain gives us a very detailed description of what all the dials onboard the aircraft do, and are used for. Towards the end of the DVD there is a complete instrument presentation explaining in high detail what different instrument do. One of the most interesting parts was the Review of what paperwork is needed before flying. The DVD shows you what paperwork the pilots need before flying. Very Interesting! Lots of knowledge was gained just from watching it the first time around. You listen to the ATC direct our flight (SE-DZG) into the airport for landing. And again we change camera to give us the totally amazing view of the airfield. As we taxi in we hear a Thai 747 get told to hold short for us.

Anyway the above was a rundown of what happens in just ONE flight, this DVD holds a total of eight flights all in amazing detail. 162 minutes of totally amazing audio and video from the Britannia 757 and 767!

All this for the small price of $30 US Dollars. An amazing product well worth buying if you are a fan of commercial aviation or basically just love flying.

Thanks To: 
JustPlanes ( and World Air Routes ( for letting me review this product.


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