Vintage Comet 1937 GRUMMAN G-22 GULFHAWK Airplane Model Kit 28.5" PLAN SHEETS For Sale

Vintage Comet 1937 GRUMMAN G-22 GULFHAWK Airplane Model Kit 28.5

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Vintage Comet 1937 GRUMMAN G-22 GULFHAWK Airplane Model Kit 28.5" PLAN SHEETS:

Fairly rare to find the original printers master for a 1937 vintage Comet Airplane model. These would have been used to print the 3 plan sheets that came in the model. The plans are 1:12 scale. Real plane is 28.5 foot wingspan and model has 28.5 inch wingspan. These plans are very highly detailed and be excellent for someone involved in Model plane building. I have shown them the best that i can. Plans measure 12 x 18 inches. 3 separate sheets.
The Grumman Gulfhawk II, known as the G-22 internally, was a single unit build of a combination F3F/F2F to be a gift to retired naval aviator, Major Al Williams. Williams was head of the Gulf Oil Company's aviation department as well as an air show pilot. Built extra sturdy to withstand aerobatic maneuvering and painted to match Williams' older Curtiss Gulfhawk 1A, the G-22 marveled air show patrons through the late 30's and 40's flown by Williams' exclusively, one occasion aside. During a trip to Europe a sort of pilot exchange took place where famed WWI ace Ernst Udet became the only other person to pilot the Gulfhawk of Germany. Williams became the first American to fly the legendary Me 109. In Besiege you'll find that this plane is faster and more agile than any other F3F variant. Capable of some crazy stunts and able to hold its own in a race. In real life the Gulfhawk was capable of flying inverted for extended periods, due to Besiege physics this version does not, though it does pull a mean barrel-roll. Not a single source specifies which variant of the F3F the Gulfhawk II is based on, but because of construction date I have to assume it is the -1 variant as the -2 took flight months after the Gulfhawk. Though the fuselage is an F3F-1, the tail and canopy are from the F3F-2 and the wings come from the F2F-1, resulting in a narrower wingspan.

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