VIA F40PH-2 - Number - 6403 w/Train - ORIG KR - ralf403 For Sale

VIA F40PH-2 - Number - 6403 w/Train - ORIG KR - ralf403

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VIA F40PH-2 - Number - 6403 w/Train - ORIG KR - ralf403:

  • Please read carefully before offerding - I've been acquiring over time various collections which include numerous 35m color slides of short lines, industrials, Critters, Steam Operations, Trolleys & Buses Rolling Stock, and Main Line railroads. You are offerding on a Original 35mm Kodacheome Transparency slide shows a fantastic photo ofVIA F40PH-2 number 6403 with train at Brockville, ON. Taken - 02/2005. Overtime certain colors include chemicals that caused Ekta shifts to take place, especially with the Kodachrome & Anscochromes. If necessary I will color correct these - however - you the buyer will see the before and after effects. Please NOTE - I will not color correct Kodachromes - in most cases this is not necessary. Considering the age the colors hold very well and the condition of the is real good since it's been kept in an enclosed location. However in certain situations I will lighten the slide to show more detail.
The resolution, color, and sharpness is very good on originals. Some of this will be lost in a low rez scan.Shipping & Handling to anywhere in the US is FREE. If any US order exceeds $25.00 tracking will be added FREE and any US order exceeds $50.00 will ship Priority. For Canadian orders postage will be $1.20 for first class, Canadian orders exceeding $50.00 will be shipped with tracking of which I'll cover 1/2 the cost of postage. Anywhere else will be $3.00 or more depending upon where and weight. Also if the slide is not what you expected please contact me through and we will resolve any issues.
My goal is to make you the customer, happy with your purchase. Bob - RAL Slides

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