Richthofen's Flying Circus by Nicolas Trudgian WWI Limited Edition Aviation art For Sale

Richthofen's Flying Circus by Nicolas Trudgian WWI Limited Edition Aviation art
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Richthofen's Flying Circus by Nicolas Trudgian WWI Limited Edition Aviation art:


By Nicolas Trudgian

Fokker Triplanes andAlbatros Fighters of JG-1, under the command of Manfred von Richthofen – the‘Red Baron’ – engage British Fighters in a low level dogfight over the lines atCambrai, Northern France, March 18, 1918.

In the foreground aFokker Triplane and an Albatros, have “winged” a Sopwith Camel from 54 Sqn, asanother Camel, and a Bristol fighter of 11 Sqn RFC turn to engage the Germanfighters.

Aware of abuild-up of forces for a massive German offensive, many Royal Flying Corps Squadronsattacked the German positions at very low altitude. The Germans responded withas many aircraft as they could muster, including Richthofen’s JG-1 wing, and therefollowed one of the largest dog-fights of the entire First World War.

The print isindividually numbered and personally signed by the artist, Nicolas Trudgian.

In the historyof aerial combat there is no more famous a name than Manfred von Richthofen, otherwiseknown as 'The Red Baron’ – the highest scoring Fighter Ace of WWI. Richthofen's brightly colored fighters werethe scourge of the Royal Flying Corps and their antics up and down the Frontearned then the famous nickname 'Richthofen's Flying Circus.' They were ahighly respected fighting unit, capable of launching up to 50 aircraft, andwere involved in many of the legendary dogfights of World War I. When takingcommand of JG1 in 1917 he chose bright red paintwork to distinguish his ownsquadron's aircraft from others in the wing – making easy and quickidentification possible during the turmoil of closely fought dogfights.

Nicolas Trudgian’s powerful painting recreates this dramatic scene,perfectly capturing the very essence of WWI and the stark contrast between thesebrightly colored aircraft against a desolate, war-torn landscape. Published in1998 this is a long sold out secondary market piece and a ‘must have’ for WWIenthusiasts.

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