RMS Titanic Submersible Model By Printhive3d, Educational Model, Bath Toy For Sale

RMS Titanic Submersible Model By Printhive3d, Educational Model, Bath Toy
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RMS Titanic Submersible Model By Printhive3d, Educational Model, Bath Toy:

Embark on an extraordinary voyage through history with our most popular Titanic Submersible Model – a breathtaking recreation meticulously crafted at an impressive 14 inches in length. As dedicated enthusiasts of maritime heritage, we proudly present the absolute best Titanic model on Etsy, standing as a testament to superior quality and authenticity that outshines all competitors.

Key Features:

14 Inches of Grandeur: Immerse yourself in the majestic allure of the Titanic with our model, expertly crafted at a substantial 14 inches to capture the essence of this iconic vessel.

The Best Model Out There: Own a piece of history with the absolute best Titanic model available anywhere. Our creation redefines the standard, inviting you to experience maritime excellence like never before.

Tons of Cool Features: Uncover the intricacies of our model, featuring swiveling parts for an interactive experience, a colored deck that adds vibrancy, and a remarkably realistic sinking mechanism that pays homage to the Titanic's fateful descent.

Included, is the RMS Titanic submersible model, with masts, iceberg and a stand to display the Titanic.


Q: Is the Titanic model painted?
A: No, it is not painted. Our Titanic Submersible Model boasts a dual molded design, ensuring that every detail is authentically captured in the material itself.

Q: Can the parts swivel?
A: Absolutely! Our Titanic model boasts swiveling parts, allowing you to interact with and appreciate the intricate details of the ship.

Q: Does it have a colored deck?
A: Yes, indeed! The model features a colored deck, adding a vibrant and realistic touch to recreate the Titanic's iconic appearance.

Q: How realistic is the sinking mechanism?
A: Our model's sinking feature is designed for astonishing realism, providing an immersive experience that mirrors the tragic yet historic descent of the Titanic.

Embark on a captivating journey through time with our Titanic Submersible Model, where craftsmanship meets history, and excellence knows no bounds. Secure your piece of maritime mastery today!

*DISCLAIMER: Model may contains small parts that can pose possible choking hazard.

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