RARE Apollo Grumman Lunar Module Contractors Model on Base For Sale

RARE Apollo Grumman Lunar Module Contractors Model on Base

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RARE Apollo Grumman Lunar Module Contractors Model on Base:

This LEM is the pre-landing version made by Precise. There was also a post landing version with Neil Armstrong’s immortal words printed on the base.

Apollo Lunar Module

Grumman Contractors Model on Base. Manufactured for Grumman by Precise Models LLC prior to the Apollo 11 moon landing. The 10.25” diameter black base has color logos of both Grumman and NASA with text Lunar Module. The two-piece LM is removable from the base, made of injection-molded plastic, and is approximately 6” tall and 10” across. It accurately separates into Ascent and Decent Stages and has numerous tiny projecting parts.

See photo for the 4 parts that are detached and see that I only have 3 of the tiny gold cone parts. It needs 7. Otherwise, this comes as pictured. Base and Apollo needs a little polish. These models are quite unique and rare.

This item comes exactly as pictured. Look at pictures carefully for any missing parts. This item is not guaranteed to be 100% complete.

The last two photos are from the manufacturers website. The last photo is to compare a perfect model with the one I am selling. The second to last photo shows the gold cones are still for sale. Several other parts are for sale on their website also including the alternate base with the Armstrong quote.

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