Pan Am Inflight Purser Coin Purse Wallet - RARE For Sale

Pan Am Inflight Purser Coin Purse Wallet - RARE

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Pan Am Inflight Purser Coin Purse Wallet - RARE:

I am presenting a rather rare item from the late great Pan American World Airways. Under the stewardship of Juan Trippe, Pan American pioneered many of the first air routes around the globe, including establishment of operations and air routes between North America and Europe; routes between Europe and Africa & the Middle East; establishment of a Pacific route network that stretched from the US west coast to Hawai’i, Asia, and the South Pacific; and the establishment of operations and routes throughout Latin America. Pan Am was first to usher in the jet age with the introduction of Boeing 707 Clippers, launching transatlantic jet service between New York and Paris in 1958. Pan Am was also the launch customer for the legendary Boeing 747 and was first to introduce the type into service in 1970. In its heyday, Pan Am’s vast route network stretched from Berlin to Buenos Aires; Manila to Montevideo; Nadi to Nairobi, and Tokyo to Tehran.

Unfortunately Pan Am’s fortunes faltered in a post-deregulation environment. An expensive merger with National Airlines in 1980 failed to yield the operating synergies needed for sustained profitability. Pan Am’s slow financial decent led the company to divest some of its core assets. The airline’s Pacific Division was sold to United Airlines in 1986. The aftermath of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988 led to significant revenue losses for the beleaguered airline. In late 1990 Pan Am agreed to sell its coveted London Heathrow slots and route authorities to United as well. As heavy financial losses ensued, Pan Am entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in 1990. An agreement was reached with Delta Airlines in which Delta would acquire most of Pan Am’s transatlantic operations and facilities, including its Worldport terminal at JFK airport and its hub operation at Frankfurt. The purchase agreement also included the Pan Am Shuttle which operated between New York, Boston, and Washington, DC. As part of the purchase agreement, Delta had agreed to provide Pan Am with exit financing so the carrier could exit bankruptcy with streamlined operations focused in Latin America. Pan Am’s continued hemorrhaging of cash however, caused Delta to scuttle the exit financing agreement. Sadly, Pan Am was forced to cease operations permanently in December 1991.

This rare coin purse/wallet represents a more hopeful time in Pan Am’s storied history. It was issued to the Purser and was used to carry change in different currencies for Pan Am’s inflight sales. In Economy Class Pan Am charged for alcoholic beverages and stereo headset rentals. I would estimate this coin purse to be from the 1970’s. It is well constructed in a sturdy vinyl of navy blue and features two snap pockets for foreign coins. There is also a side pocket that holds paper currency. A sturdy gold zipper zips around the edges of the wallet to close it securely. It measures approximately 5 x 10 inches. The front of the wallet features Pan Am’s iconic globe logo prominently displayed in white. This Pan Am memento has held up very well over the past forty years and is sure to bring back very fond memories of America’s airline to the world. Many thanks for looking and best of luck with your offerding.

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