MOTORCYCLE - SAMOA (Western) - LICENSE PLATE - 2000, great used example - TOUGH For Sale

MOTORCYCLE - SAMOA (Western) - LICENSE PLATE - 2000, great used example - TOUGH

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MOTORCYCLE - SAMOA (Western) - LICENSE PLATE - 2000, great used example - TOUGH:

Formerly Western Samoa - this is a 2000 series with the new SAMOA name - mint example of this type are more common, this is a well used "clipped" example, which is how many of the motorcycle plates are found when adjusted for actual use on a bike. This is the 54th issued in 2000.
Check description and photos. Feel free to send any questions!
Items in this group of listings are being being offered with SAME DAY FREE SHIPPING*(to US addresses) - My single plates are shipped via First Class / flat rate priority mail sleeve (seller's choice of FCwith free shipping offer) inside a triple fold of corrugated cardboard for stiffening. If a plate is over 13 inches in length, or extra heavy or odd sized, it will be shipped as a standard Priority Mail package, but no additional shipping charges will be incurred.
If your shipping price is more than the actual shipping cost, you WILL receive a refund for the difference through your Paypal transaction.
If you're worried about plates being damaged, be sure to contact me about paying extra for insurance. Tracking is always included with Priority Mail. No returns unless there was an error in the listing.
Refunds for USPS damaged items and return shipping will be available for allinsuredparcels.
Plates offered are original as shown, with original paint, unless clearly stated in the listing. All plates are also authentic, expired issues, which are legal to own and collect. I do NOT deal in reproductions, replicas, copies, fakes, or any other version of items manufactured to deceive - there's enough of this type of crap offered on already.
All plates offered through and user "me" are over 3 years old and comply with all guidelines, restrictions and selling policies. All plates are authentic, expired issues, and are sold as collectibles only.
*PLEASE NOTE!I do offer SAME DAY shipping on the plates and items I'm offering. As I work the overnight/graveyard shift, "same day" refers to any business day (in my case, every day but Sunday or a postal holiday) - my business day ends at NOON (eastern time) - please take note of this, as items won and paid for before noon on any given day, will be shipped immediately - items won and paid AFTER 12 pm est will be mailed from 12 am est to 12 noon est the following day. Thanks! Drewski
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION concerning Canadian shipping
SHIPPING COSTS TO CANADA are dictated by the U.S. Postal Service. First Class shipping can go two ways - ENVELOPE or PARCEL/PACKAGE.
ENVELOPE FIRST CLASS is far cheaper, but it is required that the package be non-rigid (i.e. BENDABLE) ... I don't recommend this rate, as it's pretty much falsifying shipping information. If there are plates involved, they're rigid - chances are, the package will either be returned, damaged in shipping, or returned to sender or delivered with postage due. My shipping calculator shows the rate for Parcel/Package First Class Air to Canada. Please don't ask for lower rates, there are or BEST OFFERS on LISTED BIN ITEMS
PLEASE NOTE - Prices shown on my listings are firm as shown, unless they display the OBO (or Best Offer) button. I run sales on a regular basis, please subscribe/follow my listings or store for updates. I often will go through my entire listed stock, and knock back prices. ---
I usually will run a 15 - 25% sale when raising funds for a collection purchase, and will even drastically cut prices on some of my high end items, to raise some scratch in a hurry. Once the funds are raised, I tend to return the discounted listings to their previous price. This is why is always a good idea to follow my listings - you never know what will show up.
Please don't contact me with discount price requests - I get many, and don't have the time to wade through them on a daily basis - just watch your item, it could go down in price! Thanks all - Drewski - "me" , the ME Store.
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From now until further notice, I'm still offering FREE SHIPPING via USPS First Class to all my US based plate buyers, but I'm also offering PRIORITY RATE for $5 (2.50 each additional) as an option.
Since mid November, many incoming and outgoing shipments (mostly first class) have taken, in some cases, weeks to arrive, and tracking just stalls on these shipments. I ship same day, but once the mailman takes it, all bets are off. Priority seems to be on schedule, so consider this when checking out.
All of my first class shipments seem to be getting to their destinations eventually, but very slowly and with inaccurate tracking. Once things normalize, my shipping methods willbe back to the original FC offering.Please note, you can still choose free shipping as an option, but delivery times and tracking could be slow and inaccurate. Thanks - Drewski
NOTE: For overseas buyers, I do not falsify customs forms. Thanks to the crappy service of the USPS, and its current j/o"postmaster general", I've lost 7 packages since December 2020, with no claim on underreported values. Please take this into consideration. Thanks...Drewski

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