Historical Fighter Aircraft Pre-WW1 German Etrich Taube Spy Plane Model SORA_6 For Sale

Historical Fighter Aircraft Pre-WW1 German Etrich Taube Spy Plane Model SORA_6
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Historical Fighter Aircraft Pre-WW1 German Etrich Taube Spy Plane Model SORA_6:

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SORA World-Famous Vintage Fighter Planes.

Aces of WW1 and WW2. Pre-Painted Military Aircraft Models

#6 - Pre-WW1 German Etrich Taube

  • Brand: SORA Boford, Japan
  • Condition: Brand new in original color box.
  • Material is plastic
  • Fully painted as shown and insignia applied
  • Very special details. You can see the think metal wires. Seldom found in plane models.
  • This listing is for one model as shown in the title. You get the plane with stand, collector card, and color box.
  • There are 11 planes in the series for your reference below.Collect them all
  • aa
  • #1 - WW1 German Fokker Dr. I triplane of \"Red Baron\"Wingspan: 3.34\" (8.5cm), Length: 3.23\" (8.2cm)#2 - WW2 North American P-51 MustangWingspan: 3.62\" (9.2cm), Length: 3.15\" (8cm)#3 - WW1 French Morane Saulnier Type NWingspan: 3.62\" (9.2cm), Length: 2.56\" (6.5cm)#4 - WW2 German Messerschmitt Bf109 (Green)Wingspan: 3.46\" (8.8cm), Length: 3.23\" (8.2cm)#5 - WW1 Japanese Kugisho Type 93 Intermediate TrainerWingspan: 3.86\" (9.8cm), Length: 3.23\" (8.2cm)#6 - Pre-WW1 German Etrich TaubeWingspan: 3.58\" (9.1cm), Length: 3.15\" (8cm)#7 - WW2 British P-51 Mustang (RAF)Wingspan: 3.62\" (9.2cm), Length: 3.15\" (8cm)#8 - WW2 North American Boeing P-12Wingspan: 4.06\" (10.3cm), Length: 3.07\" (7.8cm)#9 - WW2 German Messerschmitt Bf109 (Silver)Wingspan: 3.46\" (8.8cm), Length: 3.23\" (8.2cm)#10 - WW1 Austria-Hungary Lohner LWingspan: 3.54\" (9cm), Length: 2.95\" (7.5cm)#SP - WW2 Japan A6M Zero Carrier Fighter -(With battery powered engine)Wingspan: 4.25\" (10.8cm), Length: 3.15\" (8cm)

    The model comes fully painted including insignia as shown on the photographs. It is fabulously rare for collectors, presenting the most famous and special early stage fighter aircrafts. Ideal for wargaming or display!


    The Etrich Taube resp. Rumpler Taube was a pre-World War I monoplane aircraft, and the first mass-produced military plane in Germany. Being the Germans\' first practical military plane, the Taube (\"dove\") was used for all common military aircraft applications, including as a fighter, bomber, surveillance plane and trainer from its first flight in 1910 until the beginning of World War I. The plane was very popular in the years immediately prior to the First World War, and was used by the air forces of Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary. By 1914, however, it quickly proved lacking as a serious warplane, and was soon superseded.

    The plane was developed by Igo Etrich from Austria in 1909, with the first flight in 1910, and was called the Etrich Taube. The design was licensed for serial production by Lohner in Austria and Edmund Rumpler in Germany, and called the Etrich-Rumpler-Taube. However, Rumpler soon changed the name to Rumpler-Taube, and stopped paying royalties to Etrich. Etrich subsequently abandoned his patent.

    Despite its name, the Taube\'s unique wing form was not modeled after that of a bird, but after the Zanonia macrocarpa seeds, which glide to the ground in a slow spin induced by a single wing. Similar wing shapes have also been used by Karl Jatho. While Etrich had tried to build a flying wing aircraft based on the Zanonia wing shape, the more conventional Taube type, with \"normal\" tail controls was much more successful.

    True details from a plane. True to the color scheme.Collect them all!

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