F104 STARFIGHTER RCAF & LUFTWAFFE instrument panel CDkit For Sale

F104 STARFIGHTER RCAF & LUFTWAFFE  instrument panel CDkit

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F104 STARFIGHTER RCAF & LUFTWAFFE instrument panel CDkit:

F104Starfighter CDkitCDkit is a collection of Museum quality Aircraft Cockpit Instrument Panel and Avionic Graphics on Computer Disk.CDkit is Designed for Aircraft Fabricators, Collectors, Publishers, Developers, and Radio Control aircraft.CDkit is presented in Professional PNG picture format for superior printed results on paper, metal foil, plastic, fabric, or film.Especially fine LIFE SIZE décor can be obtained withback lighted architectural Mylar.EASY – one step, no stress, print and ready.AUTHENTIC – researched from actual aircraft and original designs.PRECISION – correct 3⅛ and2¼ inch analog gauges,Junghans Clock (F104G), Bendix ALT, Northern Oil Press.,F104G sight and K13 with APG30,Lockheed 5.75 inch side auxiliaries including:Litton LN3 Nav, C2G compass, & DCU9A set,ARC164 UHF, ARN153 TACAN, and APX25 IFF.WHAT YOU GETCF104 Canadian ZipperF104G Starfighter Luftwaffe

LIFE SIZE Instrument Panel can be printed by a professional printer onto 24 inch wide CAD standard roll, or D (24x36), or E (36x48 inches).

Radio Control / scale can be printed with your home printer.

LIFE SIZE and SCALE in inches

Professional printer

Home printer



















RC SCALE:Nirce F104 Starfighter at ~1890mm / 74.4inch wing span is advertised at 1/4 scale.Skymaster F104 Starfighter at ~1315mm / 52.6inch wing span advertised at 1/5 scale.Freewing F104 Starfighter at 29.7inch wing span is about 1/8 scale.Measure the instrument panel space width of your aircraft. The fuselage of most RC aircraft seem to be a little fat, adjust cockpit panels to fit.FINE SCALE:Print LIFE SIZE PNG file onto 35mm (24x36mm, about 1½ inches wide) slide film.A 35 inch wide panel printed full frame = about 1/24 scale, 2/3 frame = about 1/32 scale, and ½ frame = about 1/48 scale. Hi-white the back and install. The detail is there, but you’ll need a magnifier to see it.Use this ratio to tailor panel fit:Hasegawa and Italeri F104 Starfighter both in 1/32 scale,and can be used with Revel 1/48 scale.

Fine scale models tend to have thicker scale skin. Adjust accordingly.

FLIGHT SIMULATORS: F104 Starfighteranalog gauge backgrounds designed to work with Flight Simulators.

You also get:+ LOCKHEED F104 STARFIGHTERLIFE SIZE ANALOG gauge background graphics for LIFE SIZE cockpit instrument panel developers.+ LIFE SIZE ANALOG REFERENCE SET– over 300 international gauge face graphics (with pointers) can be printed with your home printer+ LIFE SIZE AUXILIARY REFERENCE SET– about 100 side panel component graphics etc – home printer+ LIFE SIZE DISPLAY REFERENCE SET– about 50 items – gun-sights, HUD, MFD, etc - home printer.

Lockheed F104 Starfighterwas the first combat aircraft capable of sustained Mach2 flight – 1600mph, and optimum performance above Mach 1.2. It remains impressive more than fifty years after its first flight.

CF104CDkit represents Canada’s CF104 - Canadian Zipper - almost 1/3 of all manufactured by Lockheed, Canadairand Messerschmitt, Fiat,Fokker.

Canada sent about 150 to Germany to become F104G.

All were optimized for the nuclear strike/AG role at 100 feet AGL and at speeds up to 600kts. CDkit shows avionics including Autonetics NASARR F15A-41B radar with air-to-air, ground-mapping, contour-mapping, and terrain-avoidance modes; and LittonLN-3 Inertial Navigation System.

F104GCDkit – better at most everything than English Electric Lightning, Grumman F11F Super Tiger,Chance Vought F8U Crusader, andRepublic’s F105 Thunderchief. It was finally replaced by General Dynamics F-16.

BUYINGRead description and study all pictures carefully.What you see is exactly what you get.Ask any questions before buying.Thanks

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