F-86D Sabre Dog Wing Access Panel Challenge Coin Real Aircraft Part Skin For Sale

F-86D Sabre Dog Wing Access Panel Challenge Coin Real Aircraft Part Skin

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F-86D Sabre Dog Wing Access Panel Challenge Coin Real Aircraft Part Skin:

Own a piece of Cold War history! This batch was made using the skin of a North American Aviation F-86D Sabre Dog wing access panel for accessing aileron hydraulic lines. This part is small, weighing less than half a pound. The leading edge slats must be down in order to access this panel. This part was acquired from a private party. The full history of this aircraft part is unknown.The coin measures approximately 1.75" in diameter, and the plastic case measures approximately 2".

The F-86D Sabre Dog is a variant of the famous F-86 Sabre. The most iconic feature of the F-86D is its radar dome, which gives the plane a dog-like snout. Although the F-86D is part of the Sabre family, it only shared 25% of the same parts as the other variants. Upgrades like the larger fuselage, improved engine, and radar sets the F-86D apart from other variants. The last remaining Sabre Dogs are proudly displayed across the US. Unfortunately, there are no flying examples as of 2021. The F-86D played a crucial role in America's transition from the piston age to the jet age.

Product Includes:

-1x Challenge Coin

-1x Protective Coin Case

DISCLAIMER!All AEROMACHINAS challenge coins are made from real aircraft parts. These parts experience wear and tear. Please expect imperfections such as scratches, dents, etc. These imperfections make for unique coins, meaning you may not receive the exact coin pictured. The coin you receive will be picked at random, no requests are accepted.

CAUTION!Not recommended for children under the age of 10.Product intended for display only.Keep out of mouth. Do not remove paint. This product contains chemical-based paint which may cause irritation if inhaled or ingested.

F-86D Sabre Dog Quick Facts

Max Speed: 690 MPH
Cruise Speed: 540 MPH
Empty Weight: 11000 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight: 18,000 lbs

First Flight: October 1st, 1947
Wing Span: 39 Ft
Length: 37 Ft
Height: 14 Ft

Number Produced: 9,900
Range (combat): 410 miles
Service Ceiling: 50,000 Ft
Crew: 1

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