Beechcraft BONANZA A36 Bicolor Planetag For Sale

Beechcraft BONANZA A36 Bicolor Planetag

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Beechcraft BONANZA A36 Bicolor Planetag:


Beechcraft Bonanza A36

Bicolor Planetag

Registered N6678D

C/N E-1596 built in 1979

Reciprocating Continental engine model IO-520-BB S/N 285616-R

Hartzell PHC-C3YRF EE3284A propeller

The Bonanza is an North American GA aircraft introduced in 1947 by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas

The six-seater, single-engined aircraft has been in continuous production ever since - longer than any other aircraft in history

More than 17,000 aircraft have been produced across all variants

N6678D aborted take-off from private airstrip on the 15th of June 2016 and unable to stop, overshot the runway threshold, crossed a roadway and struck several objects before coming to rest

The nose gear snapped off, nose gear doors bent, the propeller was damaged, the right wing struck a large object resulting in severe damage to the front spar, the left main gear collapsed buckling the left wing, tip tanks were punctured, the centre carry through buckled and skins separated in belly, the fuselage buckled at the forward wing attachments, and the ailerons, flaps, elevators and the hori-stab were damaged

Surprisingly the aircraft was a write-off. It was acquired by Air Salvage, Dallas where it was dismantled and placed into storage

The airframe had 3,028 hours since new while the engine/prop had 41 and 30 hours since overhaul

Landon Cain from Scottsdale, AZ purchased the wreck with his father from Arizona Air Salvage in Phoenix with the intention to re-purpose the fuselage

It sat in the family backyard for years before it was decided to offer the aircraft to Motoart for the ultimate of up-cycling – conversion into Planetags!

The result is before you to acquire today – an elaborate collage of colour in the form of a bag tag



BICOLOR tag numbered 680/1500



At the end of WWII, two all-metal light aircraft emerged, the Bonanza and the Cessna 195, representing very different approaches to the premium end of post-war civil aviation. The 195 featured a high-wing, seven-cylinder radial engine, fixed tailwheel undercarriage, and roll-down side windows, and was little more than a continuation of pre-war technology. The Model 35 Bonanza however, borrowed from the advancements made in fighter aircraft during the war, featuring a more manageable horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine, a raked streamlined shape, retractable tricycle undercarriage (nosewheel initially not initially steerable) and a low-wing configuration

The prototype 35 Bonanza made its first flight on 22ndDecember 1945 with the production debuting in 1947. The first 30–40 Bonanza's produced had fabric-covered flaps and ailerons, after which those surfaces were covered with magnesium alloy sheet

The Model 35 was a relatively fast monoplane at a time when most light aircraft were still made of wood and fabric. Its initial signature V-tail equipped with elevator-rudders or "ruddervators" made it both efficient and distinctive

The V-tail design gained a reputation as the "forked-tail doctor killer" due to crashes by overconfident wealthy amateur pilots, fatal accidents, and inflight breakups

"Doctor killer" has sometimes been used to also describe the conventional-tailed version

Production of the V-tail Bonanza ceased in 1982 however, the conventional-tail Model 33 continued until 1995

Three major variants eventually comprised the Bonanza family:

Model 35 Bonanza V-tail (1947–1982)

Model 33 Debonair/Bonanza (1960–1995)

Model 36 Bonanza Stretched Model 33 (1968–present)

The Model 33 was an austere, lower-priced variant with standard instrumentation, exterior equipment, paint schemes, interior fabrics and trim than the more prestigious V-tail. However, most Bonanza features were available as factory options and by the mid ‘60’s, most Debonair buyers were ordering most or all of these options. Realising this, Beechcraft dropped the Debonair name and most of the basic and seldom-ordered standard features with the introduction of the A36 in 1970. 2128 were constructed up to 2006

The G36 was introduced in 2006 and is fundamentally an updated A36 featuring a glass cockpit and Garmin G1000 integrated flight instrument system

All Bonanza’s shared an unusual feature - the yoke and rudder pedals are interconnected by a system of springs/bungee linkages which assist in co-ordinated turns allowing the pilot to make turns using the yoke alone, or with minimal rudder input, during cruise. Increased right-rudder pressure is still required on takeoff to overcome engine torque and P-factor. In the landing phase, the spring system must be overridden by the pilot when making crosswind landings, which require cross-controlled inputs to keep the nose of the airplane aligned with the runway centerline without drifting left or right. This feature started with the V-tail and persists on the current production model

A36TC (1979–1981) Model 36 with a three-bladed propeller and a 300hp turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-UB engine, 280 built

The current Model 36 is a longer-bodied, straight-tail variant of the original design introduced in 1968

In January 2012, the Australian CASA issued an AD grounding all Bonanzas, Twin Bonanzas, and Debonair's equipped with a single pole-style yoke and that have forward elevator control cables that are more than 15 years old until they could be inspected. This was issued after two aircraft were found to have frayed cables, one of which suffered a cable failure just prior to takeoff. At the time some Bonanza’s had reached 64 years in service. Aircraft with frayed cables were grounded until the cables were replaced and those that passed inspection were required to have their cables replaced within 60 days regardless. The AD affected Australian aircraft only and was not adopted by the FAA, instead opting to issue a Special AWI Bulletin requesting that the elevator control cables be inspected during the annual inspection



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