Amelia Earhart's "Lockeed Vega 5B" Original Aircraft Fabric 17' x 11' For Sale

Amelia Earhart's

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Amelia Earhart's "Lockeed Vega 5B" Original Aircraft Fabric 17' x 11':

Amelia Earhart's "Lockeed Vega 5B" Original Aircraft Fabric. The aircraft fabric offered here was originally harvested during the 1972 Smithsonian Institution restoration of this"Lockeed Vega 5B". In 1932, Ms. Earhart and this plane were the first to fly a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean nonstop. This Vega was manufactured in December 1928 at the Lockheed Manufacturing Facility in Burbank California. She purchased it on March 17, 1930.

In 1970, the curators of the Smithsonian's "National Air Museum" realized it had more historic aircraft in their Virginia storage facility than on display in Washington. Many of the vintage aircraft in their collection were deteriorating and in very poor condition. It was imperative the aircraft were repaired and restored. If they wanted to display these newly restored aircraft, the current museum was to small and their growing collection of very large Spacecraft also needed a new home.As a result in 1972 they broke ground on the new Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.

The restoration process of the first 5 aircraft included the removal of the original wing and fuselage fabric or "skin". Once removed, new fabric would replace the the old to its original specifications. The original fabric was cut into small squares and offered as limited edition print. They were made available for purchase to only to those maintaining membership inSmithsonian Institution. This Smithsonian Aviation Relic Series was only available from 1975 to 1979. As the aircraft were restored over that 4 years period, it was worse than receiving your Columbia 8-track of the month.

Since father was a Lifetime Smithsonian Member, I purchased the first five aircraft fabric swatches in the series.I was 17 years old when I finally received Amelia's Vega. It completed my series which hangs on my office wall to this day. In 2015, a business associate offered me $100.00 for a smaller piece of my Wright Brothers Cloth. As a result, I decided I would secure additional copies of the series and cut the fabric down, print new materials and make the series available again. The package you'll receive will look identical to the Smithsonian original. The only difference is the original Fabric Swatch and the poster is smaller. You will also receive a copy of the original Smithsonian Certificate along with my stamped, signed and dated certification. The complete 3 page Amelia Earhart Aircraft Biography will be enclosed. See the images. The poster with the aircraft fabric is 17' x 11 in printed on quality card stock suitable for framing. I hope you will enjoy the package.

Also if interested, the Wright Brothers "Vin Fiz" is still available. I will provide you a discount if both are purchased.

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