Air France Kids Travel Pouch Activity Booklet Post Card Airline Aviation For Sale

Air France Kids Travel Pouch Activity Booklet Post Card Airline Aviation

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Air France Kids Travel Pouch Activity Booklet Post Card Airline Aviation:

About the Item...

Thank you for your interest!

Up for your consideration is awell-cared for,pre-owned, Air France Kids bag with 20-page unusedActivity Booklet and postcard.

This is a pre-owned item and slight wear has occurred. Please note: 1) some lose strings on the pouch. 2) Light wrinkles on the covers of the booklet and wear on the corners of the postcard. Kindly refer to the pics and make an informed decision.

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I’m an Buyer too. I buy items on too; hence, I treat my customers like I would be treated – package an item with care, ship out within 24 hours of payment, keep the buyer informed.

I give my items serious thought. I check at least once a day if I have an item listed so I can respond to questions within a reasonable amount of time.

Every item shipped gets a USPS tracking number. Regardless if it may cost me money. Period.

Each item listed is accompanied with as many pictures as possible. Each item is photographed respectfully – I cannot understand why you would photograph an item on your hardwood / carpet / tile floor. Dude, keep the item I’m interested in on a clean surface!

Every item gets a clear, concise description (measurements, even!)

The shipping charge is accurate. I’ve sold few items and come up with the most sensible charge to offset the Final Value Fees ( takes a cut for the item AND shipping), PayPal, the envelope for packaging, the 85 cent USPS charge for tracking, and the trip to the Post Office.

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I’m just your ordinary, hardworking American living in Texas. As of mid-September 2012, and after several sales of some of my personal tees on , I purposely sourced a few more pre-owned ones and (now more items!). I enjoy doing business on - if you've read this far, you are definitely a customer that I look forward to sharing a great experience with!

Buy this item and I will follow you around like a puppy until you are The Happiest Buyer in the World!

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Combined Shipping: yes, I do offer it – contact me first so I can adjust your invoice for all your items.

Please contact me anytime if you have any questions.

I appreciate your interest! Please check out the other items that I have listed!

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