1/87, 1/200, HO Scale Aircraft Hanger & HO Aircraft Model Display Building Kit For Sale

1/87, 1/200, HO Scale Aircraft Hanger & HO Aircraft Model Display Building Kit

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1/87, 1/200, HO Scale Aircraft Hanger & HO Aircraft Model Display Building Kit:

These items are NOT made from plastic. They are made from Flexstock - A proprietary coated paper card stock material with detailed photo real HD printing and realistic scale elements. All kits need to be assembled with hot glue and take modeling skills and some patience to build. The results are amazing. No painting is required.
1/64, 1/72, 1/87, 1/200, HO scale Aircraft Hangar Model Scenery Diorama Kit
"Airplane Hanger" Photo Real Scale Building Kit is a complete scale model set that comes ready to trim and assemble.
A great way to display your 1/200, 1/87, 1/72, 1/64 diecast aircraft models. The kit also makes a great aircraft model display hanger and tarmack.
Photo Real Features Include:
- Real sliding doors that open and close- Several signs with colorful logos- Detailed base with clump moss grass- Airplane Hanger Stairs- Loading Crates- Air Conditioner- Dumpster with Photo Real trash
Based on the use of real building materials photographed and printed. Why buy other plastic or wood kits that look fake, are more expensive and need a skilled paint work to try to get them to look even halfway realistic!
Our kits: Include many scale 3D look accessories, cool illusion rooms or details behind open doors and even scale bushes to add even more realism. Plus full color online instructions.
Build Kit Dimensions
-Base Size: 6.7 x 9.3"-Building Foot Print Size : 5" x 9"
This Kit Includes These Components:
- 7 x Flexstock Model Sheets- 1 x Landscape Clump Moss
We’re sorry our build kits do not include scale cars, vehicles or people though. They are shown only for display purposes.
Our True 3D Look textures offer a realism that just isn’t available in any other kits.
These detailed buildings are perfect for your slot car, train track layouts, or scale model dioramas! Each Photo Real Scale Building Kit exhibits amazing detail with small realistic components such as doors, windows, roof vents, signs and other accessories that are included. These Kits offer additional realism with select interior details, and best yet require no messy painting or painting skill in order for them to look perfect.
Assembly is easy
- Simple cut out components with a sharp scissors- Score fold areas lightly with a straight edge using a sharp Exacto knife for a crisp fold- Then assemble using a mini hot glue gun, you’re on the way to owning the most detailed scale building you can buy!- Online instructions are included
Most Kits are available in several scales of 1/32 ( coming soon ), 1/48, 1/64, O scale, N scale and even 1/87 that is true Train HO. So please check our listings in our store.
Our Scale Buildings go perfect with Lionel trains, Lifelike trains, Walthers train sets, Scalextric slot car sets, Carrera slot car sets, Monogram Model diorama, Revell model displays. Detail them out and combine them with accessories, trains and buildings from Bachmann, Woodland Scenics and Atlas, Faller just to name a few.
Once you add a “Photoreal Scale Building Kit“ to your scale layout you will no doubt want more!
Also Called:Model Airplane Hanger, Aircraft Hanger Model, Ho Scale Airplane Hanger Model, 1/64 Scale Aircraft Hanger Build Kit, Airplane Hanger Building Kit, Scale Aircraft Hanger Build Kit, Scale Airplane Hanger Building Kit, Airstrip Hanger Diorama Kit, 1/200 Airstrip Hangar Model, 1/72 Aircraft Landing Strip, Jet Runway, Ho Airfield Kit, 1/64 Aircraft Landing Strip, Airliner Runway, Model Airliner Hangar

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