1/48 Built Tamiya F-16C Lizard Flanker scheme Viper For Sale

1/48 Built Tamiya F-16C Lizard Flanker scheme Viper

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1/48 Built Tamiya F-16C Lizard Flanker scheme Viper :

1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 32, 64th Aggressor Sq.
Please read carefully!
All weapons are magnetized so they are interchangeable. This will make it easier to ship without getting any damage on the weapons. Fuel tanks are also interchangeable but they are not magnetized, they just click in the pylons with poly caps..
Tamiya paints and Mr Hobby clear coats are used.
Base is fiberboard painted with Tamiya colors, enamel washes and water colors.
Strengthening plates are photoetched, pitot tube and angle of attack probes are metal.
The squadron's metal logo is laser printed. I did not glue it on place so that you can glue it any where on the base as you like.
Please be careful when attaching the metal tube into the exhaust port. There is a small cap inside the exhaust that the metal tube inserts in. Just push the metal tube inside until the tube touches the end of the cap. It is very secure that the aircraft won't fall and you can easily turn the aircraft around to make the position as you like.
I will double box the kit so there won't be any serious damages during shipping.
Horizontal and vertical stabilizers are not glued in, I will wrap them seperately like the weapons to minimize the issues during shipping.I will ship worldwide by registered airmail. It usually delivers in 2 weeks time.
Commission builds are always welcome. Feel free to drop a message about the details you like.
Thank you for checking in..

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