YRD Models Antonov AN124 100 Volga-Dnepr Airlines 1:400 Scale For Sale

YRD Models  Antonov AN124 100  Volga-Dnepr Airlines  1:400 Scale

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YRD Models Antonov AN124 100 Volga-Dnepr Airlines 1:400 Scale:

The Antonov AN-124 is a large heavy transport, strategic airlift, four engine jet aircraft that was designed in the 1980's by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Ukrainian SSR. Until the Boeing 747-8F, the Antonov AN-124 was for 30 years, the world's heaviest gross weight production cargo aircraft and is only second to the Antonov AN-225 Mriya. The aircraft had it's maiden flight on 24 December, 1982. In 2019, there were twenty-six Antonov AN-124's in commercial service.
Volga-Dnepr Airlines is an airline based in Ulyanovsk, Russia. It specializes in providing air charter services by operating a unique fleet of twelve Antonon AN-124 aircraft, five Boeing 747-8F, and five I-76TD-90VD aircraft.
This version, the Antonov AN-124-100 is a commercial transport version aircraft. It can carry up to 438 passengers in the upper and lower fuselage areas. It has a length of 226 feet, 8 inches and a wingspan of 240 feet, 6 inches. It was delivered to the Volga-Dnepr Airlines on May 24, 2004. and is still in service today.
This 1:400 scale reproduction of the Antonov AN-124-100M-150 is an extremely rare, detailed, very difficult to find, solid resin model. It comes in the landing configuration and a display stand is included. All sale are final. Shipping to the continental USA only.
NOTE: This model is new and is listed at a very good price.

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