World War II: USS Saratoga (CV-3) Neptun WWII Navy Ship 1/1250 NRFB NMt For Sale

World War II: USS Saratoga (CV-3) Neptun WWII Navy Ship 1/1250  NRFB NMt

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World War II: USS Saratoga (CV-3) Neptun WWII Navy Ship 1/1250 NRFB NMt:

  • World War II: USS Saratoga (CV-3) Neptun WWII Navy Ship 1/1250 NRFB NMt

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  • THIS item is Near Mint -Excellent condition ,The boxes help unreal but please note the antennasare extremelydelicate and very easy to bend , we are making sure they stay in excellent condition,, there so incrediblydelicate , we would like to ask to be somewhat understanding and know we are making sure theystay in the condition pictured . I understand on broke or damagedhowever we are having some issues due to dishonest customers. So if the ship is damaged you must send back.We will need pictures of damage as well as the box we will use depressionwith all partial refunds on bent antenas ,
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USSSaratoga(CV-3) was an American aircraft carrier that saw extensive service duringWorld War II(1939-1945). Originally conceived as a battlecruiser,Saratogawas selected for conversion to an aircraft carrier following the signing of theWashington Naval Treaty. Entering service in 1927, it was the US Navy's first large carrier. With the beginning of World War II,Saratogatook part in many of the campaigns in the Pacific and sustained major damage on several occasions. With the end of the conflict, it was selected for disposal and was sunk during the Operation Crossroads atomic testing at Bikini Atoll.

Ship Background

Originally conceived as part of a large building program in 1916, USSSaratogawas intended to be aLexington-class battlecruiser mounting eight 16" guns and sixteen 6" guns. Authorized along with theSouth Dakota-classbattleships as part of the Naval Act of 1916, the US Navy called for the six ships of theLexington-class to be capable of 33.25 knots, a speed which had previously only been attainable by destroyers and other smaller craft.

With the American entry intoWorld War Iin April 1917, construction of the new battlecruisers was repeatedly postponed as shipyards were called upon to produce destroyers and submarine chasers to combat the German U-boat threat and escort convoys. During this time, the final design of theLexington-class continued to evolve and engineers worked to design a power plant capable of achieving the desired speed.

Ship condition isThe item is Excellent condition as in picture the item has its original box . The ship is on NoN stick but Tacky Glue. All antennas and Pins and pronged items are attached as seen in picture .The picture is exact condition. This is Rare to find in ORIGINAL box cartonwith the item . Commanding higher prices VERY upper condition and clean diecast miniaturemodel
Discount shipping discount on group will be grouped and invoiced after concluded and ready to pay. If you pay there will be no discount .Shipping will be First class or Priority Sign for item , will be signed for and eitherin house Insuredor Insured by Post office . The item will be in box , the ships box will be placed in a box.
OUR RETURN POLICY ON 1 :1250 scale SHIP. I'm am sorry . Unfortunatelywe have a no nonsense RETURN policy on these ships .Meaning the Return Policies are are rules . Follow rule we can refund . You dont there will be no REFUND .When first started selling these ships (Boy , I screwed up on the packing ) I hate to say I didn'tpack the first orders well and we had damage . We refunded good bit first orders . Most were damaged by USPS from shipping not puttinglid on the Original shippingbox which was open like you see in picture and the packing damaged the ship . Learned and the ships were well packed. And we had some CRIMINALs take advantage of the return policy. Get refunds and kept ship.. The ship is in the original carton no damagewillcome to it unless and steamroller rolls over box .USPS I thinks have several steam rollers . So Damage happens we will refund.So in order to get refunded on DAMAGE .
Instructions .The sale states no return however we do offer .You must reply with 24 hours of receivingthe ship damaged . You have 4 days of receiving the item to ship it back Those are business days. You ill be refunded as the USPS refunds us . We will not do partial pon any damage. So if it occurs we can't . contact me and you can get my phone number im thinking about starting to give my business number once purchase has been made to get me directly rather thanthe system that is failing me. There'sabsolutelyno reason to have bad reviews . Anyone who wants theirmoney back can receive a refund on damage done to the shipping box not the ship box , Please if there is Damage take a photo immediately. These ships will be Insured and we will have to file with the USPS ,, Please we ask you to be patient and why we are not giving refunds to FRAUDSTERs we cannot handle the loss ..Hope thats that'sunderstandable I will treat every case differentand with understanding . Thank you.

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