Vintage 1/50 Aluminum United Air Lines Douglas DC-4/DC-6 Factory Model For Sale

Vintage 1/50 Aluminum United Air Lines Douglas DC-4/DC-6 Factory Model

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Vintage 1/50 Aluminum United Air Lines Douglas DC-4/DC-6 Factory Model:

Vintage Aluminum 1/50 United Air Lines Douglas DC-4/ DC-6 Factory Model
Only a few of these were built and are referred to as DFM\'s (Douglas Factory Model?). From what I have read, they were actually produced as a promotional item by the Douglas Aircraft Company in the early 1950\'s (when the actual aircraft were being manufactured). It isn\'t clear who they were made for but some were probably given to local Travel Agencies of the day. One thing is certain, they are definitely scarce (this model is stamped #81). The DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7 were very similar aircraft all having the same wingspan (117.5 feet). One difference was the length of the fuselage; almost 94 feet for the DC-4, 100 feet for DC-6 and about 104 for the first version of the DC-7. Calculating using the 1/50 scale, this model appears to match the dimensions of the DC-6. It is made of heavy aluminum and weighs almost 7.5 lbs. The wingspan is 27.5\" and Fuselage is 23.5\" Overall, the model is in quite good condition considering its age (70 years or so). The decals are surprisingly intact and legible. One can still read \"U.S. Mail - Air Express\" on the tail and \"Air Mail\" below the Cockpit windows. While there are some fine scratches, a few small dents and a couple of marks they should be able to be buffed out and polished (I have not tried to do that). The wing & fuselage are fastened by 2 screws and while it doesn\'t have the stand, it has a threaded hole for one. It does NOT have any propellers but I have seen restored models with after-market propellers. I have had this one since it was discovered in a storage closet and given to me in the early 70\'s. Oddly enough, it was found only 3 or 4 miles from Douglas Aircraft Company at Long Beach Airport. The registration number on the plane is NC-60000. For shipping, I can remove the wing or have it packed very carefully just like it is. In either case, I will list shipping at $50 via USPS, UPS or FedEX but will refund the difference if less. Please ask any questions prior to offerding. Good luck and thanks for looking!

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