NASA Apollo Command Module Spacecraft CautionWarning StatusLight Flight Hardware For Sale

NASA Apollo Command Module Spacecraft CautionWarning StatusLight Flight Hardware
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NASA Apollo Command Module Spacecraft CautionWarning StatusLight Flight Hardware:

Original NASA Apollo Command Module Spacecraft Artifact
* Vintage NASA Apollo Command Module Spacecraft Flight Hardware, Astronaut Main Control Panel, Caution and Warning System Power Supply Status Indicator Light*
This Apollo Command Module artifact is part of the CM spacecraft's main control panel's 'Caution and Warning System' section, described below. This system was located at the front, top, and center of the CM spacecraft's main control display panel.These display light units were designed to function as a status indicator for the Command Module astronauts to reference when any of the spacecraft's systems were in a cautionary or warning state, such as in the dire events that took place during the Apollo 12 and Apollo 13 missions.
This 'C/W' Caution & Warning System status light unit was specifically designed to indicate when the power supply voltage to the caution and warning system is out of range.
Artifact Display Face Nomenclature: C/W (Caution & Warning).
Approximate dimensions: 2 inches x 1.5 inches x 0.75 inch.
The last twelve NASA images are for reference only, including diagrams and a photo showing the Command Module's Caution & Warning System on the spacecraft's main control panel.Everything included in this sale is shown in the first ten listing photos.
This artifact originally belonged to the William E. Scripps II space hardware collection.
Command Module Spacecraft Caution and Warning System:Critical conditions of most spacecraft systems are monitored by a caution and warning system. A malfunction or out-of-tolerance condition results in illumination of a status light that identifies the abnormality. It also activates the master alarm circuit, which illuminates two master alarm lights on the main display console and one in the lower equipment bay and sends an alarm tone to the astronauts' headsets. The master alarm Iights and tone continue until a crewman resets the master alarm circuit. This can be done before the crewmen deal with the problem indicated. The caution and warning system also contains equipment to sense its own malfunctions.
Apollo Command Module Spacecraft Main Control Panel:Dominating the forward section of the cabin was the crescent-shaped main display panel measuring nearly 7 feet (2.1 m) wide and 3 feet (0.91 m) tall. It was arranged into three panels, each emphasizing the duties of each crew member. The mission commander's panel (left side) included the velocity, attitude, and altitude indicators, the primary flight controls, and the main FDAI (Flight Director Attitude Indicator).
The CM pilot served as navigator, so his control panel (center) included the Guidance and Navigation computer controls, the caution and warning indicator panel, the event timer, the Service Propulsion System and RCS controls, and the environmental control system controls.
The LM pilot served as systems engineer, so his control panel (right-hand side) included the fuel cell gauges and controls, the electrical and battery controls, and the communications controls.
Flanking the sides of the main panel were sets of smaller control panels. On the left side were a circuit breaker panel, audio controls, and the SCS power controls. On the right were additional circuit breakers and a redundant audio control panel, along with the environmental control switches. In total, the command module panels included 24 instruments, 566 switches, 40 event indicators, and 71 lights. - Source: NASA.govA rare example ofApollo flight hardware to display in your Command Module spacecraft collection!We require that all potential buyers read our 'FAQ and Terms of Sale' section, at the bottom of each listing, prior to purchase, offer or offer placement and inquiries.FAQ & Terms of Sale:* Artifact Inquiries: Please submit all questions regarding listed artifacts, prior to purchase or offer placement, and allow at least 24 hours for a response. Write in anytime with all other questions or special artifact requests. We will try to locate any specific type of spaceflight hardware that you are interested in purchasing.* Artifact Provenance: Artifacts that include provenance (or any documents, original receipts, part tags, certificate of authenticity / COA, etc) in the sale will specify this in the listing's written description and will be shown in the listing photos. If any of this type of provenance/paperwork is not shown in the photos and specified as "included" in the listing, then it is not available or included in the sale.* Artifact Flight Status: FLOWN = Spacecraft hardware/components, crew equipment, scientific instruments, or other items/materials that have been flown. FLIGHT = Spacecraft flight-qualified spares or backup hardware/components and engineering test articles made of the same components as the flight article. These are items that could have flown but were not flown. Ground Support Equipment (GSE) = Non-flight space program hardware, equipment, and scientific Instruments used in direct association with the spacecraft, spacecraft engineers, and technicians. These are items that were used and made for ground support that may or may not have been in direct contact with the spacecraft prior to launch.* All items listed here are being sold as collectible artifacts only, and although they may be in perfect working order, we are not able to test them for functionality.* International Customers: Most artifacts will ship internationally. If the international shipping cost is not shown in the listing, please send a message requesting the rate. All international, customs associated duties or fees are additional (not included in this transaction), and they are the buyer's responsibility. We can not take special customs form requests. All information entered on customs forms is automated through , based on the exact item listing description and value information saved in 's system.
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