Military Aircraft HUD ICP For Sale

Military Aircraft HUD ICP
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Military Aircraft HUD ICP:

Surplus ICP panel from a lot of HUD parts that were factory excess from design and production. Possible late LANA A-7 or F-16 MLU variant.

Flight systems does not export. All sales are required to originate and ship to a USA address.

Freight forwarding is not allowed, and your order will be canceled.

Used parts do not qualify for an 8130 form, however, there are times when we send a part to a certified repair station for repairs and offer the parts for sale with the 8130 form supplied by the certified repair facility. If the part has an 8130 form then it will be clearly displayed in the listing.

We do not guarantee functionality unless otherwise stated.

We take great pride in packaging and quality of service. Your item will be packed and sealed to arrive safe. Orders placed before 1pm eastern time M-F will ship the same day via UPS.

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