Flightdeck Solutions Boeing 747-400 Flight Simulator / Home Cockpit Full Scale For Sale

Flightdeck Solutions Boeing 747-400 Flight Simulator / Home Cockpit Full Scale

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Flightdeck Solutions Boeing 747-400 Flight Simulator / Home Cockpit Full Scale:

Up for sale is a complete and fully-functional Boeing 747-400 fixed base flight simulator. The simulator is four years old and all components are in excellent condition. This is NOT your standard home cockpit, and comes with all the bells and whistles (see features list below)Purchased new, this simulator and the computers and software which run it would cost close to $175,000 USD.Please note that this is a full 1:1 scale Boeing 747-400 replica flightdeck with a 200 degree FOV wraparound visual screen and, as such, a ceiling height of at least 8ft as well as a (minimum) 17x15ft space would be required to fit the simulator.Some of the simulator's key features are listed below, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.Thanks for looking!
SIMULATOR FEATURES (ALL FULL 1:1 SCALE FEATURING DIMMABLE INTEGRATED BACKLIGHTING):- Boeing 747-400 replica cockpit shell and all interior liners
- Full MIP (Main Instrument Panel) with LCD monitors, 100% operating knobs, buttons, and rotary pots/instrument display dimmers, landing gear lever, and pushbutton switch guards where applicable
- Fully Functional MCP (Mode Control Panel)
- 2x Boeing 747-400 EFIS panels with realistic concentric knobs
- All-metal Boeing 747-400 throttle quadrant/stand featuring MOTORIZED throttle levers, speedbrake, and trim indicators, realistic full control switches, flap lever w/ metal gates, and working thrust reverse levers with mechanical interlock
- Fully functional overhead panel (Engine Start switches include solenoids) including all pushbuttons, knobs, rotary pots, machined landing light switches, and pushbutton switch guards where applicable
- Aft/CB overhead panel with 162 REAL Boeing 747-400 circuit breakers installed (funtionable with interface card)
- 3x fully functional CDU/FMC units (two below MIP and third ACARS/CMC/Sim Control unit on pedestal)
- Full pedestal featuring the following panels: 3x COMM radio, 1x transponder, 3x audio control, 1x autobrake, 1x seatbelt/smoking sign, 1x rudder/aileron trim [with MOTORIZED rudder trim indicator], 1x weather radar, 1x WORKING data printer, 1x ACARS/CMC CDU
- Linked yokes from a REAL Boeing 747-400 with operable trim, A/P disconnect, and PTT switches
- Linked rudder pedals (adjustable fore and aft)
- 2x functioning steering tillers
- 2x functioning, motorized Boeing 747 chronometers (with glareshield button to start/stop stopwatch)
- Functioning stick shaker (tied to software for activation)
- 2x under-seat mounted Earthquake MQB-1 transducers w/ 1x Earthquake XJ-300ST 300W amplifier. These provide vibration and motion cues via custom software for effects such as engine start, turbulence, ground roll, speedbrake rumble, etc.
- Fully adjustable, dimmable interior lighting (panel backlighting, map lights, dome lights, pedestal illumination, under-glare/MCP flood light package
- 3x fully adjustable refurbished pilot seats from a REAL Boeing 747-400 with J-rails, sheepskin covers, and full harness complement
- iPad holders on both Capt and FO sidesSOFTWARE & FEATURES- Aerowinx Boeing 747-400 suite (powers all avionics)
- Full ACARS/BACARS/CPLDC/TOPCAT performance data simulation
- Integrated and fully functional Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
- Three licensed instances of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D version 4, which provides the out-the-window visuals
- Three licensed instances ($1500 value) FlyElise warping software w/ USB activation dongles (required to warp out-the-window view)
- Innumerable Prepar3D payware scenery addons adding far enhanced detail to many world airports (full list of addon airports upon request)COMPUTER HARDWARE:The simulator operates over 7 computers on a network (all networking hardware included). As the visual computer hardware is most important, those specs are included below. The other four computers that run the avionics/simulator hardware/bass shakers/etc. are similarly powerful but, to be honest, I've somehow lost the specs. Frame rates and visual smoothness are NOT an issue with this hardware :-)Computer Case : Cooler Master HAF 922M/USB 3.0 ATX Mid Tower Case (Black)
Power Supply Upgrade : Thermaltake Smart 750W Power Supply
Motherboard : Gigabyte Intel Z97 Series Intel Z97 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0
DDR3/4 Memory : 32GB (4X8GB) DDR3-1333/1600 PC3-10666/12800
Processor : Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0GHz Quad Core 8MB
SSD : Samsung 850 EVO Series 500GB Solid State Drive
Video Card : nVidia GeForce TITAN X 12GB DDR PCI-Express
DVD Recorder : 24X LiteOn DVD+/-RW SATA
Sound Card : 8-Channel Digital Sound Card (onboard)
Network Card : 10/100/1000 Gigabit Network Card (onboard)
Operating System : MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit DVDVISUAL SYSTEM:- 17ft wide, 200 degree FOV seamless projection screen (photo in sale gallery)
- 3x Optoma GT1080 HD short throw projectors with low-profile mounts
- All associated cabling and other hardwareAUDIO SYSTEM:The simulator operates on a 3-channel audio system meaning that sounds which should come from the back come from the back and sounds that should come from the front come from the front. The three full sets of speakers and all associated cabling that comprise the auditory system are included.

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