Ducati 750 GT 1971 – Ducati 750GT model introduction 1971 motorcycle photo For Sale

Ducati 750 GT 1971 – Ducati 750GT model introduction 1971 motorcycle photo

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Ducati 750 GT 1971 – Ducati 750GT model introduction 1971 motorcycle photo:

Shown on thisphotograph is the famous Ducati 750 GT of 1971.

The 1971 Ducati 750 GT was the first Ducati road bike propelled by a 90° V-twin engine and it also was the first large capacity motorcycle manufactured by Ducati!

The 1971 Ducati 750 GT was the first Ducati road bike propelled by a 90° V-twin engine. The 750 GT was also the first maxi-motorcycle manufactured by Ducati. While origins are often cloaked in mystery, the precise evolution of the Ducati 750 GT is still discernible. The bevel-gear twin cylinders with a 90° V configuration, long known as an "L-twin" configuration, have a precise date of birth: March 20, 1970. It was a twin cylinder arranged longitudinally and in a 90° V configuration. As far as balance went, this was also the best choice. Taglioni's method was direct, logical, and practical. He envisioned the bike as an essential sports machine. The distribution used the same single overhead camshaft driven by bevel-gear as the single-cylinders, while the capacity of 750 cc was obtained with a bore and stroke of 76 x 75 mm. The prototype was built rapidly. The result: a very personal sort of motorbike in which the engine played the central role, even stylistically. The final bike was very similar to the prototype. The GT 750 appeared in June 1971. Its frame was more proportionate than that of the prototype, while the carburetors were 30 mm Amal Concentrics. It was also fitted with a front Lockheed disk brake. Its very name, Gran Turismo, immediately revealed that it was no sports bike, but the potential of this twin was immediately apparent to its enthusiasts, a year later followed by Ducati’s victory at Imola in 1972 that led to the Ducati 750SS; which was closely related to the 750 GT! The Ducati 750SS based on the machine that brought Ducati the legendary victory at the 200 miles race of Imola in 1972. This was debut race of Ducati’s new 750 desmodromic V-twin, with its bevel driven overhead camshafts. Works riders Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari dominated the numerous factory teams in the race, finishing 1st and 2nd on modified race versions of the 750 streetbike. It gave instant fame to Ducati’s V-twin sporting models -a fame that lasts still today! At the time it was one of, if not the, ultimate Italian cafe racer!

The Ducati 750 Imola Desmo, from what the 750SS is derived from, is one of the most famous bikes in the world. It is best known, and, of course named after, its victory with Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari in the 200 mile race at Imola in 1972 - one of the most spectacular in racing history. Much has been written about the fantastic final lap, which saw Smart and Spaggiari side by side almost all the way to the finishing line, but how this race changed the destiny of the Italian manufacturer has been relatively unexplored.

The win at Imola defined Ducati’s future approach to racing, with the manufacturer focusing its attention almost exclusively on production-derived machines. However, before explaining more about the importance of Paul Smart, Imola and the legendary “number 16 Ducati 750 Imola”, we must take a step back in time.

In 1972 Checco Costa bought the 200 Mile formula to Italy and Ducati prepared eight bikes to be ridden by Paul Smart, Bruno Spaggiari, Ermanno Giuliano, and Alan Dunscombe. The bikes had production frames and engines, but were prepared, as usual, in a very short time. Most of this work, however, probably still goes unnoticed, as it was concerned with the smallest details: wherever possible, each part of the bike was painstakingly filed down and lightened. In addition, new Dellorto carburetors with 40 mm choke tubes and accelerator pumps arrived just in time, providing a perfect supply of fuel for the big twin-cylinder, which delivered 80 hp at 8,500 rpm. At Imola, Spaggiari reached the finish line with his gas tank almost empty and so could not snatch the victory from Smart.

The Imola racers featured just like the GT Ducati’s famous 4-stroke longitudinal split 90° V twin engine. The crankcase cylinder and cylinderheads were cast in light alloy; the cylinders had cast-iron liners. Bore and stroke was 80 x 74.4 mm. Cylinder capacity was 747.95 cc. The racers had a compression ratio of 10:1. Ducati was already famous for its desmodromic single overhead camshafts, driven by bevel-gears. It was also present on the Imola racing machines. Each head had two valves. The air cooled engine featured wet sump lubrication. Two Dell’orto PHF 40 carburetors with accelerator pump fed the fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. A twin-plug contact-breaker ignition system was present. The Imola racers had a five-speed gearbox and primary drive by gears, final drive was by chain. A wet multi-plate clutch was also present. The engine delivered a power output of 82 hp at 9,000 r.p.m. Enough for a topspeed of 156.25 mph (250 km/h)!

Amazingly, these Ducati 750cc desmodromic V-twin machines were totally new, it was the first time they had their race outing. In a long battle Smart and Spaggiari beat the heavy competition of MV Agusta and Giacomo Agostini, three works Moto Guzzi’s, four works BSA and Triumph Triples, three works Norton’s and 2 works Honda’s… An astonishing feat for a new roadracer! It was an amazing day in Ducati history and it brought once again well deserved fame to Fabio Taglioni’s extraordinary desmo V-twin design!

The Ducati 750 ‘s were often used in production based racing on both sides of the Atlantic. In the early 1970’s, racing with production based machinery was extremely popular in Europe. These events were responsible for the quick gaining popularity of the heavier sports motorcycles, like the Ducati 750 SS, the Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, the Benelli 650 Tornado and the Laverda 750 SFC, but also British machines like the Norton Commando, Triumph Trident & BSA Rocket 3, but also the Japanese superbikes like the Honda CB 750 Four and the Kawasaki two strokes. Riders that would make world fame, like Franco Uncini and Marco Lucchinelli, all participated in these races before they made the steps to the Grand Prix World Championship racing scene.

The Ducati 750 SS was an immense success, its racing versions made sure the production machine did what it promised. The recently introduced Ducati Sportclassic model series is yet another great tribute to the machine shown in the image. The Sport Classics were a long time coming since their introduction as concept bikes at the Tokyo Show of 2003.

The Sport Classic range comprises three different bikes: The limited edition Paul Smart 1000, inspired by the legendary Imola 200 winning machine of 1971 (and the 750 SS!), the GT1000 (inspired by the 750GT of 1973) and the single seat Sport 1000 which takes its inspiration from the bright yellow Ducati 750 Sport of 1973-1978.

Without doubt this is a rare opportunity to obtain a very nice image that reflects a wonderful era of Ducati’s rich history in a wonderful way. This is your rare chance to own this image, therefore it is printed in a nice large format of ca. 8" x 8" (ca.20 x 20 cm).

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