Boeing 727 Simulator, Full Cockpit, Complete a Simmer's dream For Sale

Boeing 727 Simulator, Full Cockpit, Complete a Simmer's dream

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Boeing 727 Simulator, Full Cockpit, Complete a Simmer's dream:

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A complete Boeing 727 simulator cockpit. This unit is unusual in that it was a purposely built simulator so it comes with the instructor station (a feature not found in cockpit cutouts). All 3 stations (Pilot, Co-Pilot and flight engineer) are complete with only 2 instruments missing from the flight engineer station.The original computer is included with the sale and its approximate dimensions are 7 feet tall, by 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. The sim is 10 feet wide, 11 feet long and 10 feet high, made of strong fiber glass, It's mounted on a strong, steel frame and has heavy duty casters so the unit can be moved around if need be. It is also heavy. At the very least, a goose neck trailer with a winch will be required to load it. Note: We have no way to test the unit so its sold AS-IS, no warranty.

Here are some of the items of all 4 positions of the cockpit...

Instructor's station/table:

Fuel control

Hydraulic control

Brakes & landing gear control

Flight controls

Pneumatic controls

Miscellaneous controls

Electrical controls

Engine over head panel:

Lighting controls

Passenger cabin controls

Essential radio bus no. 2 and Radio bus controls

Navigation controls

Rear right side panel:

Miscellaneous Air Conditioning

Anti-Ice and Rain

Heaters / Heat controls

Engine-Nacelle anti-ice

Window heat

Air conditioning system

Fuel system

Fire protection system

Fuel dump system

Radar rotation

Aux power unit generator

Flaps/Slats position test

Flight Controls/ APU/ Hydraulic System

Flight Engineer station/table:

Passenger Cabin controls

Cargo heat outflow

Oxygen pressure controls

AC generator drive

Essential power controls

Vertical Speed Indicator

Differential pressure indicator

Cabin pressure indicator

Manual cabin pressure control

Fuel controls

Oxygen regulator diluter demand

Hydraulic system controls

Communication controls

Overhead center panel:

Continuous ingnition

Window heat


Alternate flaps

Ground test

Rain repellent

Cockpit and passenger cabin light controls

Flight recorder controls

Center console:

Radio panel & autopilot controls

Aileron trip


Trim wheels

Flap controls

Throttles and reverse thrusters

Start levers

Radar screen

Flight management system

Radar Controls

Pilot & Co-pilot positions;

Both left and right yokes with pedestals

Right and left Oxygen regulator diluted demand controls

Right and left Ash tray/cup holders

Right and left enunciator panels

Engine fire extinguishers controls

Gear extension controls

Engine management controls

Left and right flight instruments

Pilot nose wheel steering wheel

Note:All positions come with chairs(Chairs are original to this unit but are not 727 flight chairs). Also incuded are the controls to extend the landing gear in the event of a hydraulic failure and the hand crank control required for extension. Remember, we have no way to test the unit so it is sold AS-IS, WHERE

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