100 Alabama License Plates- 10 of Each Version For Sale

100 Alabama License Plates- 10 of Each Version

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100 Alabama License Plates- 10 of Each Version:

Thank you for checking out our listing. Let us know if you have any questions or a request. The plates you will receive will be the same plates but with different letters and numbers.


All plates are authentic license platesthat are at least three years expired. We are collectors ourselves and collecteverything from mint condition plates torusty, scratched, bent and faded plates. We want to make sure you are getting thecondition that you are looking for, so please view the sample photo carefully and read the condition description.


We strive for fast shipping. Unlesstraveling, we offer one day shipping and often ship same day using USPS FirstClass or USPS Priority Mail.


License plates aren't the only things wewant to keep out of landfills. We also use as much recycled or reused packagingas we can, from reused cardboard to corrugated sign material. We're also cheap,and free reused materiel is a great price! For Priority Mail we use USPSapproved flat rate boxes.

Have a Request?

Let us know. We've helped to completeeverything from that final plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rusticplates for a bar. Whether you are looking for bulk plates, year of manufacturepairs, or specialty plates, we'll do our best to help. Or, if you just want toknow more about a plate, we are happy to share any knowledge that we mighthave.

All license plates are expired and are at least 3 years old in compliance with policy and listing guidelines. They are not valid for use on any vehicle and are for display, arts/crafts, and collectable purposes only. Expiration dates for plates in photo range from 1997 to 2018.

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