For FS2000
Scenery designed by Cesar Carrasco
Reviewed by Santiago Cianciulli

Friends, this time I have lowered toward the South American continent, in fact to SANTIAGO DE CHILE, a city that possesses an excellent airport. AMB is an airport with a lot of traffic in the real life. I flew many times, virtually, to this airport. The most impressive thing is their location, beside the mountain ranges, and surrounded of mountains for where he/she looks him at it. This is really a destination to recommend. The details that it possesses this airport are excellent, and at night, the textures are very good also.

The airport possesses single 1 RWY, the 17/35, it is generally used the 17 that ILS possesses. But anyway, to land and to take off anyone of 2 o’clock is magnificent, due to the landscape. The take off of 17 o’clock is the one that more I like it, as we ascend the mountain that every time has it more fence leave, and if all we make it correctly, we will pass it for above. And if once in the air we veer toward our left, we will appear on the mountain range of you walk them, if we continue, in we will appear flying in Argentina. In winter, the mountain ranges will be snowy, very pretty by the way. 

This airport possesses some very good terminals, with excellent terminations. One of them possesses sleeves, I believe that it is the international terminal. Also this the national terminal, but this doesn’t possess sleeves so that the passengers descend, but it possesses static airplanes parked in the terminal. 

In this airport they operate Chilean airlines fundamentally, as LanChile, Ladeco, and other more.. Many North American airlines fly to this airport, as of many other countries also make it. 

At night we can appreciate this whole magnificent scenario with night textures, in particular I love to my, regrettably the mountains don’t see each other, that makes us to fly for instruments and not in a visual way. But the approach to this airport in the night is really magnificent. What I recommend them is that they put the schedule when it begins to darken, moment in which as much the landscape as the illuminated airport are come, this approach to my pleasure is one of the best that made.

Also, as all the airports, we have the hangars, these they are when we go in route to the hint 17; if what you/they want is to begin their flights being parked in the hangars and to request permission to rotate to platform for ascent of fleeting and then to make the flight, they can make it without any problem. 

This airport, it is surrounded of some pretty trees, what also makes it more attractive. 

Conclusion: Is this an excellent destination, so much to carry out international flights, like for national, yes for that not?. In Chile there are many airports to choose a destination, does their database of the FS2000 have all the airports of this country. I recommend them to carry out a flight coming from Argentina, and to arrive in Chile a hour in that the Sun, begins to descend. They will see that the landscape that you/they will admire is impressive, and better, if they are controlled it by some virtual controller that there is in the net. 

That they have happy flights and good landings!