Ronald Reagan National Airport

For FS2000
Scenery designed by Shehryar Ansari
Reviewed by Santiago Cianciulli

Hello friends, today, like I said before I will speak of this I magnify scenario of Shehryar Ansari, author, also, of La Guardia´s scenario.
I took a trip in the real life from Ronald Reagan to La guardia, and since I like, I made it virtually. What motivated me these magnificent scenarios that I found in the NET was. 

This airport has 3 RWYs:

1/19 long 6869′
15/33 long 5189′
03/21 long 4905′

To arrive at this airport, I took off Orlando, and before landing I made a visual recognition, flying with a 777, I landed in the RWY 01.
Everything controlled by virtual control with SB and PC. 

One can already from above observe the great building that possesses this airport, with their different terminals.

Each terminal also possesses Sleeves for the ascent and the passengers’ of the different airlines descent. It is worth to clarify again that the regional airlines don’t possess sleeves for the parking of their airships. 

A thing that I liked a lot when flying to this airport is the virtual control. Since I had to carry out some waits in the air to be able to land, where he/she takes advantage to see it of up.
The approach like before I said, it is very good, since it is impressive the I traffic that he/she has this small airport.
The same approach made it with quite slight climate and to the night, where they also impacted me the lights that it possesses.

The night effects, I believe that it is an ability that the author of these scenarios possesses, since they are spectacular. I announce them that to leave to rotate in this airport with any airplane at night, it is I magnify, to take off and to see it like he/she leaves reducing as we ascend, it is also beautiful. 

In the winter, in this airport we have the presence of the Dangerous SNOW.. so much in the real life as in the virtual one. This hinders us to brake the airplane but, it is since a smaller problem we are always able to brake it.

There is not anything better than combining a slight climate, the night, and the winter to have a good time in this airport, a landing, one flown over on the same one and a landing, has enough us to see the different benefits that we can acquire flying in these landscapes. 

The details of this scenario make it one of the best that there is in the NET, and let us wait that it is not the last one that this Author carries out, because if we continue accumulating scenarios of this style, nobody will be able to take us out of the computer!

Conclusion: An airport that it cannot lack in our list of scenarios. An airport in the one which a night flight, doesn’t find us boring, but very dynamic. A place where the landscape helps us to choose Ronald Reagan like a destination when we will fly. In definitive, an excellent place.