For FS2000
Scenery designed By Fernando Marcato
Reviewed by Santiago Cianciulli

Pilots, good morning. Today I am again in South America, preparation to carry out a flight from Argentina to Brazil, our destination will be the airport of the city of Sao Paulo. An airport with very much I traffic in the real life, end up listening that it can be dangerous. Also in the virtual life it possesses a lot I traffic, every night there are Brazilians controlling and flying for that whole area. Already in route, in a B737-700, and with the FsNavigator, preparation for the descent, without possibilities of being returned by the airport for I traffic, I decide to look at the arrival to see that such it is the visual aspect.

It is really impressive. Very good images, very loaded also, he/she puts on a little slow everything, but really voucher the pain. The day textures are very good, it doesn’t possess dynamic and neither static airplanes, but believe me that with flying at night connected to SATCO, we will have airplanes for all sides in this airport.

This airport has 2 Rwys. Parallel:
The 9R/27L
The 9L/27R

I landed in this it finishes, head 9, but it is the same thing, to the parallel being it doesn’t change anything. That that if as we approach they go lowering the Frames. The landing made it in day, but once parked schedule, it disconnects me of Satco and there I put schedule nocturne and be impacted. The night textures are excellent!!! Very advisable it is this scenario.

The good thing is that in the filming streets we possess some lines of green lights that indicate us the one in route to the heads of the Rwys. I believe that to get lost in this airport is difficult, as well as it is difficult, to find the place that the tower gave us to park!!!

The terminal of this airport is very big, and at night also this illuminated one. Most of the same one possesses sleeves for the ascent and the passengers’ descent, and one can also observe a terminal that has written Varig.

Also in the other tip we can find some hangars, and behind these one can observe a soccer court. It should be that the pilots if they don’t fly, they play soccer!!

Good friends, it is really a destination for not stopping to fly, this destination recommended it to me my friend Juan Martin, to which I thank him because really this very good one.

I send a very big hug to all! And until the next one!