Guardians of the Sky

When you install this product you do not expect the Reality, and Realism it really holds. With 3 Great Planes including:

* Avro Shackleton
* BAe Nimrod MR.2
* Boeing E-3D Sentry

Above, Circling, Climbing and Descending these planes are always their, making sure your skies are safe. Without these aircraft who knows what could be up their.

The Planes

Firstly all 3 Planes are marvellously Designed, with Full Moving Parts, and Lighting. Even down to the Realistic Sounds that are added to these planes. With Full Moving dials and switches in all 3 cockpits, smoke systems, full moving out side parts, and even night lighting and bomb doors all add to the realism. Once inside the cockpit you can manoeuvre your head in a 360degree angle, to view the whole cockpit and its glory!
All Moving Parts Include:

* Flaps and Slats,
* Spoilers
* Gear
* Elevators and Rudder
* Turning Nose Wheel
* Bomb Doors (Only On Avro Shackleton And Nimrod MR.2)
* Rotating Rotodome (Only On E-3D Sentry)
* Engine Fans

Once all these Animated effects, kick into action the realism will make you breathless.

The Panels

These Panels really are some great work. I have seen pictures of the actual cockpits of all 3 planes, and I cannot tell the difference! That is how real it gets. The panels are fully accurate, with working lights, buttons and moving dials. 360degree views give you the realism when you are on final approach of being able to look around checking all your dials. At night the panels are beautifully lit, with stunning effects both night and day.

The Sound

I’m not too sure if these sounds are actually recorded or not, but if they’re not, wow they sound real. As you increase the throttle, you can really hear the kick the planes have got. Cruising at 40,0000 feet, 290knot, just sounds amazing, it sounds like a brand new Mercedes. WOW!

Planes In Brief

The Avro Skackleton is one plane I thought I would never be able to fly, but now thanks to JustFlight, it’s back on my screen, as good as ever. When the bomb doors are open, it’s just a shame I haven’t got something to bomb, if only I could find Bin Laden, what a pounding I would give him.

The BAe Nimrod MR.2, is probably the plane with the best sound in my opinion. Again Full Moving parts on this aircraft really give you the realism. The actual bodywork of this plane is totally amazing, with accurate markings and lighting, I’m amazed! Not much else to say apart from WOW.

The Boeing E-3D Sentry, Is as you may all know, the old 707. But when you give it the first spot view and see the rotodome, from then on, you do not feel like you are flying the 707. But a highly attractive War Plane. Funny but Amazing. To run the rotodome smoothly I request a fast pc.

All The Planes Include A Fully Working FMC Management Computer, Able To Fly Your Aircraft Automatically To The Users Selected Airport. Great!


This Product is well in the range of £9.99, with fully realistic planes, sounds and panels I don’t think you can ask for much more. Every aircraft includes:

* 360 Degree Cockpit View.
* Accurate Instrument Panels
* Amazing Aircraft Animations.

The CD Has A Manual In PDF Format, With Full Colour Illustrations. And A Lot More If You Explore.
Bad Points.

Not Many I Can See Apart From:

* Panel Dials Un-Readable
* Can’t Tell What A Lot Of Buttons On The Panel Do.

But For £9.99, I Give It An 8.0 FS Planet Rating, And Is Well Worth Buying.
Thanks JustFlight.

Joseph Cook
JustFlight Reviews For