FS98/FS2000 DELTA DC10-30 N 915 WA

Delta Airlines has been one of the strongest supporters of Lockheed’s rival to the dld101DC-10,the Tristar.However,the Airline has oerated DC10’s on two occasions.Rather ironically,Delta placed an order for 5 DC10-10’s in 1971, despite having 25 Tristars on order,as insurance in case of any problems with the Tristar programme. These planes were eventually sold to United prior to delivery.However,they were immediately taken on lease until sufficient Tristars had been delivered, and after a few years in service were returned to United.In 1987 Delta took over Western Airlines and its small fleet of DC-10’s.These aircraft were subsequently disposed of and Delta now uses only the Tristar on its intercontinental services. Made by:Theodore Mourabas

Download:   dld101.zip