FS2002/FS2004 ATR72-500 version 1 in Alitalia Express

Designed by F. Sánchez-Castañer for FS2002 Professional Edition (Works with limited functionality in standard edition). Includes virtual cockpit, highly realistic custom panels and gauges with non-standard functions tailor made to match the real aircraft systems, custom sounds. Included in this package is also a manual/checklist by Werner Schott.

The -500 Generation, the turboprop of choice for the
21st century
Technological advance,
combination of the latest technologies
and advanced soundproofing techniques
with outstanding performance,
unmatched operating costs…
the trademark of ATR aircraft
within the world’s regional fleets.

With more than 600 aircraft in operation and over 100 operators worldwide, ATR is the world’s most successful large turboprop aircraft family. Built on the best attributes of the earlier series, the 500 Generation, the ATR42-500 and ATR72-500, offer even higher standards of passenger comfort with the widest cabin in its class. The ATR 500 series provide airlines with efficient and reliable service at unbeatable operating costs.

The commonality between the 46-50 seat ATR42-500 and the 64-72- seat ATR72-500, highlighted by single type rating and a very high percentage of common parts and components constitutes an unequalled advantage of the ATR family.

First member of ATR New-generation aircraft family, the ATR 42-500 is more and more extending the ATR family’s popularity becoming the airliner of choice for a growing number of airlines.
The ATR 42-500 power-plant consists of two 2,400-shp. Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127E engines, providing a cruise speed of 300 Km/h. The engines drive new Hamilton Standard/Ratier-Figeac 568F six-blade propellers with a reduced diameter, low rotational speed and advanced tip design that reduce the noise and vibration transmitted to the passenger cabin.

A Propeller Electronic Control system and Propeller Valve Module provides very accurate rotational speed while maintaining optimum synchrophasing between the two propellers resulting in extremely low vibration levels.

Increased and increasing passenger comfort

ATR’s new interior design was introduced on the ATR 42-500 with a completely re-worked and extensively soundproofed passenger cabin.
The new-look interior offers 40 percent more volume in the overhead storage bins, with each bin unit sized at 2 meters long for outsized carry-on baggage. These features give the ATR 42-500 the highest carry-on volume per passenger in its class.
ATR’s new interior for the ATR 42-500 provides improvements for what always has been an excellent passenger cabin. ATR’s cabin cross-section was designed from the start for passenger comfort — with the 17.3-inch width of seats being wider than a standard economy class seat on the B737.
The cabin redesign of the new generation enhances the feeling of space, with clean flowing lines and careful attention to cabin lighting. An integrated handrail incorporated on the edge of the overhead storage bin for ease of movement along the cabin adds to the cabin’s attractiveness.
A maintenance free, passive, advanced acoustic treatment enhances the travel environment, ensuring a passenger comfort equivalent to that of a jet aircraft.

The completely new cabin interior used on the ATR 42-500 has been applied as well to the ATR 72-500, incorporating the increased-volume overhead bins and acoustically absorbent materials.
A range of improvements in the field of noise and vibration has been developed, resulting in an advanced acoustic treatment which enhances the travel environment and ensuring a passenger comfort equivalent to that of a jet aircraft.

The new-look interior offers 40 percent more volume in the overhead storage bins. These features give the ATR 72-500 the highest carry-on volume per passenger in its class. The new smooth, soft lines of the ceiling and cabin side panels, reshaped and re-designed to offer passengers more space and light, turn the cabin into an harmonious and balanced space where travelling is a pleasure.

Improved Productivity 

Productivity of the ATR 72-500 is improved from the earlier ATR 72 versions as the result of increased engine power and higher design weights — significantly extending the payload and range capabilities.
The higher engine power and improvements in lateral flight control also enhance take-off and landing performance. For example, the ATR 72-500 can takeoff from a runway only 3,580 ft. in length, then carry a full load of passengers and baggage over a distance of 350 miles under ISA sea-level conditions. At the destination airport, only 3,235 feet of runway are required to land under the same conditions.

Another important feature of the ATR 72-500 is its high degree of commonality with other ATR family models, especially the ATR 42-500. The commonality results in a single type rating for all models in the ATR family


Take-off field length
ISA – Sea level – MTOW 1,165 m 3,822 ft
ISA – Sea level – TOW for 300 NM*
990 m 3,248 ft
ISA +10°C – 3,000 ft, TOW for 300 NM* 1,163 m 3,816 ft
Landing Field Length
Sea level – MLW 1,126 m 3,694 ft
Sea level – 48 pax at 95 kg (209 lb) 1,040 m 3,412 ft
Max cruise speed
ISA – 17,000 ft 300 kt
One engine out net ceiling
97% MTOW – ISA +10°C 12,300 ft
Time to reach 17,000 ft
from 1,500 ft, TOW for 300 NM 9.9 min

Operating Weights
Maximum Ramp weight 18,770 kg 41,380 lb
Maximum take-off weight 18,600 kg 41,005 lb
Maximum landing weight 18,300 kg 40,344 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight** 16,700 kg 36,817 lb
Operational empty weight 11,250 kg 24,802 lb
Maximum payload 5,450 kg 12,015 lb
Maximum fuel load 4,500 kg 9,920 lb

Once again I have done a new review for FSPLANET.COM. This time I’ve chosen an Alitalia Express ATR72-500. This plane has lots of movement parts in the cockpit and the airplane. It’s good to see that this model has really good reflective textures in the body. Also it has virtual cabin with impressive details. The sounds are exactly as the real aircraft. I’ve flown it for some hours and I really enjoyed it. Nothing else to say, but it’s a great file that FSPLANET.COM kindly offered us, and the download is a must.

My rating is 9/10