FS2002 FujiFilm Blimp

By Alexander

May i introduce you to the Fuji blimp! An outstanding blimp if u are looking for a good fun blimp aircraft i would recommend this one.Made by RoyRCSPanels.the exterior model is great,they have made a great work on it.It comes in a zip format named “fuji2002” on about 2mb and 300kb which i think is very little for such an complex aircraft.

There is no self install,you need to extract it manully in to fs2002 and create a folder named whatever you like,but still not such a big deal.There is flights with this package wich i was very glad to see, ill get back to it a little later in this review.Some performance data; this blimp is driven by two porsche 930 engines!They lay at 255hp each, it can carry up to 12 people and then plus captian and co-pilot.The lifting gas is helium (non flammable),crusing speed on this giant blimp is 40mph,but maximum is 65.and range is 400 miles.

Now its time to start up fs2002 loaded the aircraft up,and pressed “s” one time.I was amazed of what comes infront of a wonderful virtual cockpit.I zoomed in and out and i was amazed with the detail of the interior work.Then i pressed “s” once more and infront of my face on my screen,this absolutly great extiror model apeares,wow! I looked at the frame rate and suprisingly it didnt kill so much frame as i thought it would,a very happy suprise.

One neat feature i noticed when i pressed slash, the normal spoiler button there came out a bus and people and all just like Fsscenery enhancer,but inbuilt in to the aircraft neat!Of course there is an normal panel to i like it very much, it dont kill much frame,just enough i think.

Now what do u say about taking this baby for a ride!I take the flight thats coming with the package,and i start with engine off and with the blimp infront of me,and the sweet bus and people i love!Well lets jump in the cockpit.I put up the checklist infront of me,to go through the take off checklist, a very nice and well deatailed checklist just enough i think.After i went through the checklist i pressed slash and whoops the bus,and people is gone and 2 neat people jumps in to the blimp automaticly,one old man and a nice woman.

Time to press F7 a few times to lower the turbine thing so we can take off straight up,just like a helicopter,its cool!Then its time to release some pressure of it.I pressed “i” once and i see water fall out of it,quite cool.The sound of the engine is quite okey, but i think though alittle more sounds should be avilible, it would add some more realism.

Now its time to add some power, and nicely and slowly we start lifting from the ground, the crusing altitude is quite low, but u dont need higher.Cruise is around 1000ft to 3000 but maximum is 7000ft,i take it up to around 2000ft. Its time to start looking for some amusment parks!I head down and after awhile i start to see some amusement parks yippie!I will land at a few of them (see screenshots).

Thats all for me this time i hope u enjoyed my first review here at FsPlanet it was great doing it.have a great day!best regards Alexander