FS2002 Cessna C185 Skywagon

Wheel version. In July 1960, Cessna flew the prototype model 185 which was a strengthened 180 airframe using a 260hp Continental IO-470 engine. The aircraft was fitted with skis and floats to carry out a variety of roles. In 1965 the aircraft (185E) was uprated with the 300hp IO-520 engine. This FSDS model has 32-bit textures,full moving parts, dynamic virtual cockpit, transparent cockpit windows with glass reflections, instrument panel and sounds.Planel by Mikko Maliniemi. Panel by Ian Grant. Flight dynamics
by Steve Small. Sounds by Aaron R. Swindle.

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In July 1960, Cessna flew the prototype model 185 which was a strengthened 180 airframe using a 260hp Continental IO-470 engine. Externally it featured more windows and a taller tail with dorsal fin. With the rear bulkhead moved aft, it was capable of carrying six people. Deliveries began in 1961. Picking up the bush role of the 180, the aircraft was suitable for passenger, freight and utility work. It could be fitted out as one, two, four, or six seat configuration – or with quick change seats. In addition to internal cargo, a 136kg (300lb) fibreglass cargo pack could be installed beneath the fuselage. The aircraft was fitted with skis, floats and spray equipment to carry out a variety of roles. In 1965 the aircraft (185E) was uprated with the 300hp IO-520 engine.

In 1963 the aircraft was selected by the USAF for supply to a variety of Air Forces (including Bolivia, Costa Rica, Laos, Nicaragua, Turkey, and South Vietnam) under the MAP scheme. Given the designation U-17, the U-17A was a model 185C, and the U-17B had the 300hp IO-520 engine. The U-17C reverted to the O-470L. Production amounted to 262 U-17A, 205 U-17B, and 7 U-17C. A number of countries (such as South Africa) purchased Model 180’s and model 185’s.

In 1971 Cessna introduced the Ag Carryall, which was a 185 derivative intended purely for the agricultural market. Its popularity was limited and only 108 had been built when production ceased in 1979. Production of the model 180 ended in 1981 with over 6,000 aircraft produced. Model 185 production ended in 1985 with over 4,300 having been built.



One 225kW (300hp) fuel injected IO520D
A three blade constant speed prop.


Max speed 283km/h (153kt)
max cruising speed 272km/h (147kt)
long range cruising speed 207km/h (111kt).
Initial rate of climb 1075ft/min.
Service ceiling 17,900ft.
Range with reserves 1575km (850nm).


Empty 783kg (1727lb)
max takeoff 1520kg (3350lb)


Wing span 10.92m (35ft 10in)
length 7.81m (25ft 8in)
Wing area 16.2m2

Total 185 production 4339 aircraft including 265 U17A and 215 U17B military variants and 109 Ag Carryalls.


Hello I’m back to talk you about a new an exciting plane as it is the Cessna C185 Skywagon. We will start by saying that this plane has a good and detailed main panel also in this plane there are good side viewsin which you can see all around the plane. This plane also has a good virtual cabin in which you can see the yokes move but not the pedals with which you turn the plane when you are in the airport. Another thing to say are that the wheels are blocked and that the don’t have movement while you are in the main or the one said for you to take-off.After all a good plane with reflections and good outside textures. I have enjoy alot flying with this plane and a recomend you to download it and take part of a very realistic movement and a good plane as it is the Cessna C185 Skywagon.
My rating is 9/10.