FS2002 Bell 47

This model was designed using GMAX, textures with DXTBmp. This model of the Bell 47 consists of more than 24.000 polygons and 35.000 vertexes !! It makes use of all the new technologies offered by the new flight simulator program FS2002.
This model requires a fairly powerful PC. I therefore recommend a configuration like the one I used to design it, beign a Athlon 1400 with a GeForce2 GTS with 64 Mb graphics card.

There are 6 liveries available from my web site, representing existing helicopters in France: F-BXXJ, F-BIEH, F-BUIG, F-BVFR,FMBDM and F-MAMB. They are all included in this package.



The sounds were taken from a real Bell 47 flown by Air Action. My thanks to Max, Xavier and Vincent !

The Bell 47’s development dates back to Bell’s Model 30 of 1943. The Model 47, with a car-type cabin, first flew on 8 December, 1945. In May 1946, the Bell 47 became the first helicopter in the world to achieve civil certification.
After some variations on the original configuration, the Bell 47D introduced the ‘fishbowl’ canopy and framework tail boom. Subsequent models featured more powerful engines, up to 280 hp / 210kW, and, with the 47G, the option of metal rotor blades.
The 47H introduced a conventional cabin and covered tail boom, leading into the 47J Rangerwith a four-place cabin, which entered production in 1956.
Kawasaki of Japan also licence-built the Bell 47G as the Kawasaki KI-4. Thirty-eight KI-4s appeared on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register in 2000.
Of the 58 Bell 47s on the Australian civil register in 2000, a number were in rural use, and eight were registered to a major outback aerial livestock mustering company.

The Bell 47 Helicopter Association (B47HA) was started in 2000. Our membership is open to Bell 47 Pilots, Mechanics, and related Bell 47 Personnel interested in the Bell 47 Helicopter. Our association has been approved by Bell Textron and we use the Bell 47 name with their permission. B47HA is an approved affiliate of The Helicopter Association International (HAI). B47HA is a partner of The American Helicopter Museum of West Chester, PA (AHMEC) where we hold our annual meeting every year at Rotorfest.

B47HA is a worldwide association and growing with members in The USA, Italy, Australia, Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.


Height 2.84 m
Length 12.6 m
Width 2.88 m
Rotor diameter 10.70 m
Cruising speed : 70 Kts.
Maximum speed : 87 Kts
Speed at minimum power settings : 45 Kts
Maximum flying time : 2 hours 30 min.
Ceiling : 1500 m
Maximum weight : 1130 kg
Empty weight : 860 kg
Maximum cargo : 270 kg
Enginer : Lycoming VO 435
Power : 265 hp.


Hi, this time I’ve reviewed the Bell 47. This file includes excellent textures and movement. There are 5 different deliveries in this package. Also a virtual cabin has been included with great details. Reflection effect is all around, including the glass. Side views at the flat panel, has been taken from the virtual cabin views, so there’s not 2D side views.

This model reminds me the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests is using an amphibious Bell 47G helicopter for large scale Tagging of Moose in rugged lake and forest country, eliminating the former hazardous procedures of roundups. Officers D.W. Simkin and E.H. Stone, who developed the new method, tag 50 moose out of 73 observed from the air in 11 hours flying time. The helicopter patrols lakes where moose feed on aquatic vegetation in the shallow areas. By flying low, the helicopter frightens the moose into deep water, forcing them to swim. Pilot Ben Kent then lands the aircraft, taxis next to the moose and an officer tags the ear from the pontoon. The previously tried method of spraying paint on animals from the hovering helicopter proved of little value because the marker dye washed off. The main reason for the tagging effort is to chart movements. If moose migrate over limited areas, hunters could destroy the entire population in a matter of years.

Strongly recommended for those who love copters.

My rating is 9/10

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PHOTO 7 x 5
PHOTO 7 x 5" BELL X-1A

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PHOTO 7 x 5" BELL AB412